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Ev.io Partners with Fractal for New Tournament System

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Still one of the more popular FPS games in the web3 space, ev.io announced a new partnership with Fractal for a series of month long tournaments starting in April. The top players from the tournament earn badges, which give them access to special events with additional earning potential!

ev.io brings a new set of leaderboards to their play and earn, free to play FPS game. In partnership with Fractal, players who connect their Fractal wallets and place at the top of the monthly leaderboards can earn special Platinum Badges. These badges open up access to monthly events with increased prizes!

a Platinum badge
a Platinum badge

Fractal Tournament System for ev.io

ev.io kicks off the first of their new format tournaments this month in partnership with Fractal, giving players a chance to earn Proof of Play collectibles. The Platinum version of these collectibles, given out to the top 10% of the players on the leaderboard from that month / season, allow the owners to earn 20x the normal match payouts during the next monthly, Deathmatch Earn event!

To be ranked on the leaderboards, players just need to connect to the game with their Fractal Wallet and play ev.io in any game mode at any time during the month. The game is free to play and the leaderboards are open to everyone. Though those with Ev NFTs earn significantly more e, a cumulative point system that will be used for rankings (and which also cashes out to SOL tokens if you accumulate enough of them).

At the end of the season, participants receive Proof of Play collectibles based on their final standing. Platinum for the top 10% of the players, Gold to the to 40%, Silver the top 70%, and Bronze to everyone else. Only holders of Platinum PoPs from the latest season receive the bonus earnings in the Deathmatch Earn event.

If you can’t earn the Platinum level reward, you can always craft it instead! Players can also craft these collectibles into higher tier versions. The exchange rate is burning three of one tier for one of the next highest tier (eg 3 Bronze to make a Silver). So to go from nothing to Platinum would require 27 Bronze PoPs or their equivalent. These items will be tradeable on the Fractal marketplace. Proof of Play collectibles can also be merged and crafted across seasons, providing ongoing value to these badges, even in future seasons.

ev.io Season 2 Fractal tournament
ev.io Season 2 Fractal tournament

What is ev.io?

ev.io is a browser based FPS with NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Players earn game coins known as e, simply by playing, with bonuses for being a registered user (rather than guest12345) and for equipping game NFTs. Accumulate 10,000 of these tokens, and you can cash them out for $5 worth of SOL cryptocurrency. The in-game tokens have no other use at the moment, but that may change in a future update.

Getting started playing ev.io is absurdly simple. Simply visit their website and click on Play Now. The game runs in a browser, and you don’t even need to login to play! Though you will want to login if you want to earn points. After that you jump, aim, shoot, and try out different weapons.

The game runs very smoothly, and has an Unreal Tournament feel to it. Arenas are pretty bare bones, with lots of corridors and high ceilings for jumping. Players start with a basic rifle and grenades but can pick up various other weapons that spawn around the map. Matches are timed and generally action packed. Public servers are always available and players can setup their own, custom game lobbies as well.

ev.io features a leveling up system, allowing players to customize to their playstyle by purchasing attributes such as as reduced reload time or the ability to triple jump. In the future, players will also be able to level up their NFTs to increase their earnings.

For more about ev.io, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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