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Summoners Arena July Development Updates and Arena Season 3

Summoners Arena July Development Updates

Summoners Arena is an idle-RPG based on a player-driven economy. It is set to become a multi-game universe of various genres based on the lore of the Summonian world. The game’s developers have recently released the Arena Season 3 development updates, including an adjusted refresh price in Arena, a special summon update and a newly created farm feature. The Mainnet version of the game was released on May 26, 2022, along with the release of Summoners Arena on Google Play and the App Store.

New features in Summoners Arena Season 3

In Summoners Arena, you have to pay $ASG token to refresh opponents. This price has been revised and will depend on the player’s rank. The ranks have been divided into Grandmaster, Challenger, Eternal, Master, Diamond, and others. The price for refreshing was 1 $ASG previously; now, the special Summon will receive some updates. The $ASG consumed per Summon will be increased, and the body parts gacha rate will also be increased. In addition, a new feature, Farms, will be introduced where players can farm and earn resources. Players have to pay $ASG to farm valuable goods.

Summoners Arena Season 3 - ASG Per Refresh

July Development Updates

The July development Updates of the game include Prophet Tree, Dragon Tower, and Formation Remake.

Formation Remake: In Summoners Arena, players have the freedom to customize battles and strategize their position. The game has 1-4, 4-1, 2-3, and 3-2 formation positions. In addition, players can use a new resource, Gaia Shard, to force a specific stat type for randomizing bonus state types. Previously bonus stats were limited to HP and attack, but from now on, bonus stats will include Crit Rate, Crit Damage, CC resist, Accuracy, DMG Reduction, and Dodge chance.

Prophet Tree: The Prophet Tree allows to summon Sealed Heroes based on factions. It also has the feature of replacing Heroes of the same level, star, or faction. The Prophet tree requires Prophet stones to summon and can be collected inside the game.

Dragon Tower: The Dragon Tower has been introduced. It allows players to collect rewards by conquering the battle on each floor of the Tower. Of course, the higher the floor is, the more rewards players will receive.

Summoners Arena Season 3 - Formation Remake

Overview of the game

Summoners Arena is an RPG game built on Binance Smart Chain introduced after the success of its precursor web2 game Summoners Era. In the game, players have to build and own Lands in the world of Summonia. The game consists of several NFTs, including Heroes, Lands, and Items which are an integral part of the Summoners ecosystem. 

The game is focused on developing a play-first approach for blockchain games so that players can experience top-notch gameplay with true ownership at the same time. This vision of Summoners Arena could help bridge the gap between web3 gaming and traditional gamers.

After the mainnet launch in May, Summoners Arena acquired 5.2k active users within the first 24 hours. In addition, a web2 game by Summoners Arena called Summoners Era had over 1.7 million downloads and a 4.2+ rating on Google Play and the App Store. 

The company raised $3 million in seed rounds funded by top companies such as Spartan Group, Pantera Capital, GuildFi, and Merit Circle. The seed round took place in February this year. The game also received investment from PUBG’s developer and angel investor Chang-Han-Kim, the CEO of Krafton. In January 2022, Summoners Arena listed 20K NFTs across its website, Binance, and GuildFi in a Triple IGO event.

Summoners Arena Overview

Gameplay of Summoners Arena

The gameplay of Summoners Arena consists of turn-based battles with dungeon enemies. Players can participate in PvE and Arena (PvP) modes or complete quests to earn rewards. With the increase in level, players can find more loot, level up characters, and summon new heroes. 

Campaign or PvE is the primary game mode in which players can earn rewards based on progress. In PvP mode, players must defend themselves and attack enemies to achieve high ranks. The rewards in Summoners Arena are $ASG and $SAE tokens, gems, heroes, and other in-game items. In addition, players must strategize to form a powerful team and plan their tactics for defeating the enemy.

Summoners Arena Gameplay


The native token of Summoners Arena is Summoners Arena Essense (SAE). SAE is a multi-utility token used as the medium of exchange between players. It can be earned through PvP end-season rewards and participation in governance activities such as voting or staking. In addition, $SAE can be used to pay for evolution, maintenance, summon boost, etc. The total supply of $SAE is 500M.

The in-game currency of Summoners is Ancient Summoners Gem (ASG). It can summon new heroes, upgrade heroes, refresh the opponent list, and change formation bonus stats. ASG can be acquired by winning daily matches and from end-of-season rewards.

Team behind Summoners Arena

The team of Summoners Arena consists of experienced veterans in the crypto and gaming industry. It also includes members who have worked on the precursor of the game “Summoners Era.” The founder of Summoners Arena is Hung Tan, also the founder of OneSoft and CEO of ABI Studio. The CEO is Harris Hieu Bui, CTO is Manh Cuong Nguyen, and the Lead Engineer is Tuan Do. Other team members include CMO Zoe Hoang, Game designer Hai Bang Le and Game Development Lead – Duc Viet Bui.

Summoners Arena Gaming Partners and Backers


Phase 3 of the roadmap is currently in action. Major gameplay updates in the phase include Prophet Tree, Hero Review, Dragon Tower, Formation Rework, Item and Blacksmith, costume roulette, draft mode, and tavern. In addition, the PC version launch, Item NFT sale, and Mystic Hero NFT sale are some other events hosted during phase 3.

Phase 4 is scheduled from January 2023 to April 2023. Gameplay updates during this phase include Guild and Land, hall of fame, hero talents, class mastery, and Esports. A guild and land NFT sale will also happen. The ecosystem updates will include Community Vault, Asset Staking, and DAO governance features.

Summoners Arena Roadmap
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