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Train of the Century Version 1.0 Details and Updated Roadmap

Train of the Century Version 1.0 Details

Train of the Century is an NFT trading card game for players who love railroads, locomotives, and railcars. They have recently released the upcoming features of Version 1.0, including Pack Sales, an updated roadmap, new mechanics for the Centuryverse, and upcoming sales. The game runs on the Wax blockchain and does not have a free-to-play option. After the V1 release, the game onboarded many players and looked forward to improving the game mechanics.

Updated Roadmap of Train of the Century

The features that were already released before the V1 release are:

  • NPC Asset Encounters
  • Story Mode Encounters
  • All Composition Upgrades
  • Golden Runs
  • Dynamic Station Rates
  • Multiple Trains

The roadmap from April onwards includes interesting features such as Railroaders Emporium, Social elements, and Centuryverse Arcade:


  • Staking VIP Requests
  • UI improvements like Visibility toggles and Sorting / Filtering of assets
  • Inventory Tab in Railroader Dash
  • P2P Marketplace or the Railroader Emporium: Buy and sell the Century vials and Century Train Parts with the official token Tocium.
  • Additional Story Chapters


  • AMP one-time uses like an instant transmission
  • Social elements like the achievement system and Railroader profiles
  • Additional Buildings and World Building in each region
  • Additional Story Chapters
  • Social Element with Player Profiles
  • A new set of Golden Runs
  • Dynamic Otto encounters
  • Century verse radio
  • Station owner rate boosts


  • Station Gift Service: You can set criteria for your visitors and distribute NFTs from Station Dash
  • Generative PFP Integration brought into the Centuryverse
  • Additional Story Chapters
  • Choopy McBoopers Centuryverse Arcade
  • Mobile Compatability
  • Station owner DAO

The mobile compatibility and Station Owner DAO feature will be added in Quarter 3 2022 if not met in this quarter.

Train of the Century 2022 Roadmap Details

What is the upcoming pack sale?

The first sale will take place on April 30, 2022, through incremental pack drops. Version 1.0 introduces two new types of packs – Slack pack and Max pack. These cards can be redeemed in the game for fungible items.

The Slack pack will contain a Fuel NFT ranging from 100 to 5000 diesel levels. The Max pack will contain a Century vial redeemable. These packs are specially designed for redeemables or NFTs to provide a railroader with everything they need. The century vial NFTs and Fuel NFTs can be used in the game after they have been redeemed from the Railroaders Inventory Tab.

Whitelist Drop

Some accounts will be whitelisted and will be able to participate in the drop that will begin on April 30, 2022, at 12 PM EDT. The accounts to be whitelisted will be those of Station Owners, anyone who made a rail run in march, or anyone who onboarded through promotional campaigns. A three-pack limit has been put in place with a one-minute cooldown for both the pack types.

Slack pack contents

  • 1 Conductor
  • 1 Locomotive
  • 1 Rail Car
  • 3 Commodities
  • 1 Fuel Redeemable

Max pack contents

  • 3 Conductors
  • 3 Locomotive
  • 3 Rail Car
  • 9 Commodities
  • 1 Fuel Redeemable
  • 1 CV Redeemable
Train of the Century Slack Pack and Max Pack

The prices of the V1 Packs are as follows:

V1 Slack Pack

  • (6 NFTs — 1 Fuel Redeemable)
  • Qty 825 — $45 USD in WAX

V1 Max Pack

  • (18 NFTs — 1 Fuel Redeemable, 1 CV Redeemable)
  • Qty 625 — $140 USD in WAX

About Train of the Century

Train of the Century is an NFT card trading game based on Trains, locomotives, railcards, and much more. The game runs on the Wax blockchain. In the game, you will need a train and a conductor along with Tocium, the official currency of Train of the Century, to purchase fuel. Players earn Tocium by delivering goods to various stations on the map. You can collect cards and build your train. After buying a train, you can load cargo or passengers and depart. Station owners will receive a percentage of the cryptocurrency that a player earns for every trip from one station to another. You can make profits in the game if you calculate and load supplies based on distance and fuel.

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