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Train of the Century Future NFT Sales and Asset Allocation

train of the century NFT wax artwork

Train of the Century, an NFT-based game about time-traveling locomotives, has completed its first locomotive NFT sales drop, and a second one is coming up. Players will be able to use their NFTs in the upcoming game that calls for players to dominate the rails. As their first locomotive sale, supply was limited and prices were discounted to reward early adopters. 

Train of the Century recently completed their first locomotive NFT drop, which sold out in seconds. Locomotives are critical to playing the upcoming game and are required to earn TOCIUM, the game’s token. Both the token and the NFT exist on the Wax blockchain.

New players will be given a starter locomotive, but as with all games, it’s not going to get you very far. Players will need better trains to become a “railroader” that dominates the tracks. Since everyone is going to need continuously improving locomotives as they advance through the game, there’s going to be plenty more opportunities to buy a freshly minted locomotive NFT.

As of this writing, there are currently 2,450 potential locomotives in circulation. Developers understand this is far too few trains for a successful play-to-earn game. More drops will happen, but the developers still have a maximum of trains in mind. The Modern Century, which is the first playable century in this time-traveling train game, will have exactly 38,450 possible locomotives. This means that there will be an additional 36,000 locomotives in the two upcoming drops.

Your next opportunity to buy a locomotive pack will be on July 3rd 16:00 UTC. The second part of the locomotive sale will be in late Q3 of 2021. You can view more information in the team’s Medium post.

What is Train of the Century?

Train of the Century is a strategy NFT trading card game focused on time-traveling entrepreneurship. You will become Railroader, a mysterious time traveler that explores the CenturyVerse in search of riches. 

You will collect cards, each of which is an NFT, and build your very own train. Assembling the train is part of the strategy. Once created, you’ll load up on cargo or passengers and depart. Players will create their own routes and schedules. Remember to hire a conductor to provide your train with the best stats possible. The purpose of the game is to earn TOCIUM, the game’s token. Players can use this token in-game to make various purchases or exchange it for your currency of choice.

As with any NFT game worth talking about, NFTs will have rarity levels. Higher-level rarities will have better stats and, of course, be harder to find. Check out their website to learn more.

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