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Exotic Whitelist Pass Bonus for Niftyville

niftyville exotic car NFTs

Recently, Onessus released an Exotic Whitelist Pass for their upcoming game, Niftyville. Though somewhat pricey, at the cost of 10 million VOID tokens, the pass offers early early access to the game and a first chance to purchase exotic cars. Well now the value has increased even more, as holders of the Niftyville Exotic Pass receive a bonus in the form of three (3) free cars!

Though it’s too late to purchase an Exotic Whitelist Pass directly from Onessus, you can pay a hefty premium to acquire one from the open markets. Only 100 were minted, and each offers some nice bonuses. The pass provides early access to Onesssus’ upcoming virtual world, Niftyville, and the right to purchase up to four exotic cars before the public sale.

But no longer must holders purchase all four cars. That’s right! One of the cars, the black one, is provided for free to all Pass holders! Just provide the gas fee for minting and drive that sporty vehicle home! In addition, the team created two new sports cars. These will be minted on the Polygon blockchain and every pass holder receives two. Presumably one of each, but that wasn’t specified in the press release.

The cars minted on Polygon won’t be minted again. There will only ever be 200 of each, all distributed to the Exotic Pass owners. That is a pretty exclusive prize for what could be a very popular game.

Exotic Car Sale Info

For the sale, exotic cars are priced at $400 each. There are 999 for sale (with 100 of those being the freebies for Pass holders). Though they come in six different designs, the availability is not evenly distributed. Only 75 white cars will be up for sale — 100 red, 125 black (just 25 now?), 200 blue, 249 orange, and 250 gray. So even though they all cost the same, I imagine that the designs with fewer copies will be in higher demand.

No date has yet been given for the sale.

What is NiftyVille?

NiftyVille is a play-to-earn open-world MMO.  The game offers players all kinds of opportunities for action-packed gameplay, ranging from demolition derbies to street races and zombie parties. There will be events initiated by the developers, but players can also organize their own events.

Players will be able to have their own business inside NiftyVille, and they can take on any role they desire. Players can own shops, which means they can earn NiftyCoins and the opportunity to sell exclusive NFTs. For example, buy a car dealership and you will receive exotic car NFTs available only to you.

Onessus announced the game earlier in October.

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