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R-Planet Unveils Details About Robot Construction

rplanet robot construction

For a long time R-Planet has teased its players with hints of their upcoming additions to the game, and now we finally receive details about robot construction. Building robots requires a combination of three minerals, WaxonCaponium, or Enefterium. The fourth mineral, Wecanite, will be used to power the robots.

Since the two land sales, R-Planet landowners have accumulated minerals on their lands. We knew these minerals would be needed for robot construction, but no details were released before now. Players will build robots using a varied amount of minerals. The amount of materials needed is based on the robot’s ‘race’ and job type.

When using a land for the Conquest game, players must choose a ‘race’ of robots to play with. Currently, there are three races — herbivorous, predators, and waxivorous. Each race will have eight different types of robots. Building robots takes time. Robots have various characteristics which affect their combat ability. Once constructed, robots battle in the Conquest part of the game. Unfortunately, no details on that portion of the game have been revealed yet. Presumably, each land will be able to craft different robot races, but that wasn’t explicitly noted in the release article.

Interestingly, Robots will not be NFTs nor FTs. Players cannot buy, sell, or trade robots. The R-planet team says this is an important part of their attempts to combat multi-accounting. But even though there won’t be a market for robots, the markets for the minerals needed for crafting will be alive and well. In fact, you can already trade all four mineral types on Alcor.

Catapult robot from R-planet

What is R-Planet?

The story from R-Planet is about finding planets where we can live. Humanity will pick Mars, but this requires research and testing. That’s where the NFT elements come into place. Combining these will allow humanity to discover more elements, and maybe solve the puzzle. Players will be staking NFTs, mining AETHER, buying and trading these basic materials, using them to create something new, and then the cycle continuous.

The amount of AETHER someone earns for their NFTs isn’t a fixed rate anymore. It’s all about the total amount of all staked NFTs, and your participation in the pool. Finding a pool with little activity, could proof to be fruitful. 

The roadmap for R-Planet goes a lot further. The third phase will be Conquest, during which players construct and battle armies or robots.

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