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Ethermon Will Introduce NFTs with Rarity Values

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After moving their ecosystem from Ethereum to Polygon, Ethermon is changing things up by introducing a new generation of creatures which feature different types of rarity. The new set is Mons, the nickname for these critters, is a response from the developers to the growing user base.

The team will launch a Genesis Reborn set, to accommodate the community growth. These Genesis Reborn creatures are slightly weaker than their regular Genesis counterparts, and they have a bit of a visual change. However, the developers won’t re-release approximately 10% of the Genesis creatures. The reason behind this, is mostly based on that these are a bit overpowered. Originally, the mons didn’t have a rarity rating. However, this will change moving forward. Ethermon will have mons with different types of rarity.

Since Ethermon moved its ecosystem to Polygon, and they introduced improved 2D gameplay and features in the 3D world of Decentraland as well, its user base has boomed. Right now more than 70,000 players participate in the Ethermon universe.

Play Ethermon to earn EMON

Ethermon will introduce the EMON token, an ERC-20 token, to push their play-to-earn economy. As a result the token can exist on both the Ethereum and the Polygon blockchain. There’s a total supply of 400 million EMON tokens. Gamers can use these tokens to access premium content, and rare, limited and unique digital assets and benefits. Think about for example buying Ethermons, asset packs, cosmetics, equipment, upgrading metas, enhancing gameplay, unlock special areas and the list continues. The developers will even add more utility to the ecosystem in the future.

However, spending a token is one thing. How do you earn EMON tokens? In the game players can earn MARKS, this is an in-game currency that’s not on the blockchain. They can use these MARKS to craft NFTs, burning these NFTs earns players EMON tokens. Crafted NFTs can also be sold on the marketplace for EMON or through player-owned stores. In addition players can earn EMON through questing, adventures, completing gym battles, and in-game tournaments.

Ethermon moving into Decentraland

Ethermon got completely revamped since the project relaunched as Ethermon Awakening back in 2019. There’s a lot more content, and the game runs on the Polygon blockchain. Now the turn-based battle role playing game is coming the Decentraland, allowing battles and quests in a 3D environment for the first time ever. Ethermon started as a 2D game in 2017, and in the past four years it has developed into a 3D role playing game with its own play-to-earn economy. 

Originally the game is a spin-off from the – then popular – game Etheremon, but the new version of the game supports both the old and newer creatures. At the same time a completely new development team took over. The concept of Ethermon will reminds gamers a lot of Pokémon. In the game players need to capture little monsters. These monsters vary in type, generation, form and individual powers. Players own these little monsters and are free to trade them. They can also use these monsters in battle, in which players can earn all kinds of rewards. For example, they can do quests, compete in ranked tournaments, practice or start the adventure mode.

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