Project Nebula Auctions Unique Spaceships Next Week

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Starting from Monday May 7th 10:00 UTC, Project Nebula will auction unique spaceships every six hours. These unique NFTs are one-of-a-kind, and everybody can join the auction. However, the spaceships exist on the ICON blockchain and therefore bidders require an ICON Wallet.

These single-copy spaceships have a strong background in the lore of Project Nebula, a space game about interstellar exploration. Each ship is truly unique, even though they might be based to some extend on some of the Gen 0 spaceships. They stand out visually though, and have buffed stats.

The Project Nebula Lore Sets are spaceships that connect strongly with the lore of the game. In this case The Matterskipper, The Farseer and other spaceships were among the first explorers to come through the Gateway in search of hope and exploration.

These spaceships will go for auction:

  • May 8th 10:00 UTC – Flickering Flame
  • Then at 16:00 UTC – Relentless Sunseeker
  • And then at 22:00 UTC – The Farseer
  • On May 9th 04:00 UTC – Endless Typhoon
  • Followed by 10:00 UTC – The Matterskipper
  • And ending the list with 16:00 UTC – Red Light of Dawn

What is Project Nebula?

Project Nebula is a blockchain-powered game about interstellar exploration. Players can discover and own unique planets, artifacts, spaceships, and be part of an ever-expanding universe with its own history, future and destiny. The game uses the ICON blockchain for all asset ownership and will release this summer.

Exploration is a big part of Project Nebula and its universe. However, there are all kinds of assets to keep in mind while exploring. First of all you will need a spaceship, which is an NFT. Second, you will need fuel. Your spaceship’s stats and research will influence the amount of fuel you can carry, and therefore how far you can travel. While travelling through the universe, you’ll be discovering hexes, or areas. Exploring a new area costs more fuel, than travelling through one where you’ve been before. Fuel regenerates hourly, and a spaceship reaches full capacity after 24 hours.

Project Nebula uses Credits as its in-game currency, and it’s important to keep in mind that these Credits aren’t on the blockchain. They are literally in-game currencies. Players can use these credits to colonize and claim planets. Some planets will require ICX as well, which is the native token of the ICON blockchain. Also for ship upgrades, players will need credits. At the same time planets generate credits, and players earn credits through in-game discoveries, for example asteroids with treasures on it.

Every planet can receive upgrades, which the game describes as industry. Each planet will have at least one upgrade slot. In the future industry will be important for players, as it will enable them to create their own NFTs. Again, industry upgrades on planets give a boost on the planet’s stats, and therefore players earn more credits. Not every planet can be colonized instantly, as players will need knowledge to do so. That’s where Research comes into play.

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