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Alien Worlds Builds Teleports to Binance Smart Chain

Alien Worlds Binance Smart Chain Teleport

Alien Worlds has announced the ability to transfer their native TLM token and the in-game NFTs from the Wax blockchain to Binance Smart Chain. Using a new functionality called Teleport gamers can deploy their Trilium onto Binance Smart Chain, and to Ethereum. They announced the Teleport functionality this Monday.

For now Metamask is the best way to move your TLM tokens from the WAX blockchain to either Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum. However, this does require users to own some ETH or BNB, depending on their blockchain of choice. On Ethereum this process can cost approximately $25, while on Binance Smart Chain it’s probably something like $0.50. Those gas fees on Ethereum are – indeed – ridiculous!

Alien Worlds hasn’t announced the reason for their Teleport implementation yet. However, it seems like an easy guess. All Alien Worlds NFT will also exist on the Binance Smart Chain, while the game will introduce a series of Binance exclusive mission NFTs as well. Expanding the ecosystem of Alien Worlds into a broader, more DeFi oriented space, will bring more economic focus to the project.

Player activity and TLM value

In terms of player activity Alien Worlds is doing really well. In terms of daily active wallets Alien Worlds is battling with Upland for the crown. According to DappRadar Alien Worlds has 23 thousand active wallets per day, even though one player could very well have multiple wallets.

Their TLM token took a plunge from early February until mid-March. The value dropped about 60 percent. However, since that time Alien Worlds had a couple of interesting announcements. Animoca Brands became an investor into the game, while they are now becoming a multi-chain game. Alien Worlds also had a big presence at the Play to Earn Game Festival, during which time the token price increased 50%. But I doubt that had something to do with the pricing, but who knows?

TLM is currently traded against WAX on Alcor Exchange. Mid-March the token hit rock-bottom at 0.016 WAXP per TLM. Since that time the price has gone up, now reaching 0.118 WAXP per TLM. However, trading has currently been paused.

What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is an exploration and mining game in which players can own land, use tools and weapons, customize their avatars, own rare artifacts and have minions to use in battles.

Players in this game world earn Trilium (TLM). This is a cryptocurrency token that bridges the Wax and Ethereum blockchain, allowing the economies of both chains to merge into one. Players earn TLM through mining, and can spend the tokens on betters tools and weapons. Soon landowners can also airdrop their own custom NFTs to players.

Ultimately Alien Worlds needs to become a 3D game where avatars roam planets using tools to mine Trilium. Through terraforming, players should even be able to create events and parties on their own lands. There’s also a PVP element to the game, titled the Thunderdome.

If you’re interested in giving Alien Worlds a try? Check out our play-to-earn guide that explains what to expect from Alien Worlds.

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