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VulcanForged Released Seeds for NFT Farming

vulcan verse forged NFT mining

VulcanForged has released their first seeds NFTs, which allows gamers to obtain special weapons through NFT farming. Acquiring these items requires the cryptocurrency PYR, some time and of course the seed NFT. This is one of the latest additions to VulcanVerse where gaming and NFTs get combined with elements from DeFi.

Players can trade, buy or sell these Seeds of Achilles, each of them being an NFT. In addition everybody who bought PYR during the pre-sale, will receive either a Spear of Achilles Seed or Shield of Achilles Seed. These NFT seeds can then be grown into NFT weapons through something similar to farming.

After obtaining a seed, players need to plant it. Basically the seed needs to stay in a smart contract, which they refer to as Vulcan’s Vineyard. For example, the Spear of Achilles Seed NFT needs to be buried for 20 days together with 2000 PYR to actually become a Spear of Achilles. Having the Spear of Achilles in your inventory will give all your Vulcanites, in-game hero characters, a 25% attack buff if they fight. 

What is VulcanVerse?

VulcanVerse is a fantasy virtual world where land owners can build and create, while gamers play and interact. NFTs can be used in multiple games across the VulcanVerse, which is powered by both VeChain and Polygon. This is a virtual world set in Greco-Roman times with building tools, MMO gaming functionalities and interoperable NFTs.

VulcanVerse is a blockchain-powered virtual world set in the Greco-Roman era. The world size is 3km x 3km divided into four quadrants, and a city center called Vulcan City. There are 9918 plots available in the Verse. No more plots will ever be minted. The size of each plot is 20m x 20m and the land can be sculpted and built on by the owner with the available in-game building tools.

Landowners can level up there land, and unlock new building pieces. In addition users can terraform their land, allowing users to morph the grass, sand, soil or snow into any sculpture. Obviously caverns are also an option. Depending on the district where the land is, landowners have access to certain items and tools. Land can also be leveled up, the higher the level the more rewards players get. Starting from level 2 landowners earn rewards from staking PYR.

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