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Gamers No Longer Pay Gas Fees in VulcanForged Ecosystem

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VulcanForged no longer requires users to pay for gas fees as the ecosystem will sponsor all gas fees needed to trade, buy, sell or create NFTs. As a result the virtual world of VulcanVerse and for example the trading card game Berserk just became a whole lot more user friendly.

VulcanForged paying for the gas fees isn’t that tremendous, because gas fees on VeChain and the Polygon blockchain are really little. However, from the perspective of the user experience this is – of course – an important decision. Because this way anybody can trade, buy or sell without having the worry and experience gas fee surprises.

What’s even more interesting about this news, is the Vulcan Forged will soon no longer accept other cryptocurrencies. The entire ecosystem will embrace the native PYR token. Starting from May 10th at 4pm UTC all auctions will automatically switch from VeChain (VET) to the PYR token. The token is up almost 40% this week, probably driven by this news.

VulcanForged is an ecosystem with applications that use NFTs, but it’s also a game studio and a marketplace. They made VulcanVerse, while others developers work on other games. There’s lots of interoperability, especially for so-called Vulcanites NFTs. In addition there are play-to-earn mechanics, as players can earn cards in Beserk or offer other services within VulcanVerse.

What is VulcanVerse?

VulcanVerse is a fantasy virtual world where land owners can build and create, while gamers play and interact. Players can use NFTs in multiple games across the VulcanVerse. This Greco-Roman virtual world features building tools, MMO gaming functionalities and interoperable NFTs.

They made the game world really big, 3km x 3km divided into four quadrants. At the center players can find Vulcan City. There are 9918 plots available in the Verse, and there will never be any more plots. The size of each plot is 20m x 20m and the land can be sculpted and built on by the owner with the available in-game building tools.

Landowners can level up there land, and unlock new building pieces. In addition users can terraform their land, allowing users to morph the grass, sand, soil or snow into any sculpture. Obviously caverns are also an option. Depending on the district where the land is, landowners have access to certain items and tools. Land can also be leveled up, the higher the level the more rewards players get. Starting from level 2 landowners earn rewards from staking PYR.

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