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NFT Sales Record Shattered by Citadel from Mirandus

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Gala Games has sold the first citadel for their upcoming massively multiplayer online role playing game Mirandus, and thereby shattered the sales record for a single NFT. The Citadel of the Sun sold for 800 thousand dollar, and it has been purchased by game-focused DeFi platform Polyient Games. The transaction will be transmitted to Guinness World Records.

Play to Earn was a witness as Polyient Games acquired one of the five citadels from the world of Mirandus. Owners of any settlement inside Mirandus have full control over the destination plans in their town, and as a citadel owner you even have more power over all aspects within the virtual game world. The first citadel sold for 800 thousand dollars, the next citadel pricing will be doubled in price to 1.6 million dollars. Every sold citadel will increase the price of the next.

In addition Polyient Games and Gala Games will bring Polyient Banks into the world of Mirandus. That’s because Polyient Games will take care of the main financial layer within the world of Mirandus. These banks connect with the Polyient DEX and their upcoming vault system, introducing gamers to yield farming and liquidity pools. The Polyient Bank NFTs will allow owners to deploy a bank in the game world, and users will be able to store in-game representations of their NFTs and their in-game currencies. Why is this needed? A backpack has limit storage space. Next week they will auction ten Majestic-tier bank buildings for ETH, GALA and PGU.

Gala Games and Polyient Games have set a new record. The previous NFT sales record was in hands of F1 Delta Time, selling a track segment for 223 thousand dollars back in December. During the same month graphical artist Beeple sold 23 crypto artworks for 3.55 million dollars. One individual auction, the Complete MF Collection, sold for more than 777 thousand dollars and contained multiple assets. The new record is now set at 800 thousand dollars for the Citadel of the Sun.

Still under development

Gala Games and their online game Mirandus are still under heavy development. Their Monday updates provide a taste of what is yet to come. However, the NFT sales record shattered today, emphasizes the potential investors see in Mirandus and the virtual world Gala Games and Sandbox Games are creating.

Jason Brink mentioned that Gala Games has plans to launch an alpha version of Mirandus sometime this year. Which features will be available by that time, has not yet been revealed.

Only 1625 player-owned locations

In Mirandus players own deeds for certain buildings. In total players can buy 1625 deeds, and the homestead is the cheapest one. A homestead costs $100, and prices go up from there. The more expensive and rare the deeds are, the more features the village will offer to players. There will be a maximum of one thousand homesteads, which are sold for one hundred dollars each.

Outposts cost 500 dollars, and there will be only 200 of those. In addition there are hamlets, and there are different types of village with 20 deeds each. The supply of towns is even more limited, ranging from 5 to 15 deeds. The pricing ranges from 50 to 150 thousand dollars. In total there will be five citadels, which will cost half a million dollars each. These citadels really rule over the land.

Owning land means making money

Having a keep or some other base close to a dungeon entrance, will provide all kinds of opportunities for trade. Players can buy land tiles with certain functionalities and drop these anywhere in the game world. Other players could open a shop in that village, and pay rent to the mayor. All ownership over digital assets inside Mirandus is stored on the Gala blockchain.

When Mirandus launches there will be five citadels. These give the owner the right to create and lead their own faction, charge taxes on trade and so on. Owning a piece of land provides a safe haven for other players, and potentially a way to make money. Together with the developers the owners of these citadels can design their own layout for their city.

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