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NBA Top Shot Trading Slams Past 2 Million Dollars

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The digital collectibles of NBA Top Shot are dominating in terms of value and trading volume, and in the past 24 hours these basketball moments had almost 2.2 million dollars in market sales. Among them was a moment from LeBron James selling for a record $47.500. According to CryptoSlam the vast majority of the biggest NFT sales happen in NBA Top Shot.

In the past day there has been $2.198.361 in market sales for NBA Top Shot. In total of 3641 buyers completed more than 47 thousand transactions. That means that the average NBA Top Shot moment is selling for 46 dollars. These numbers also mean that the average buyer acquires 13 moments.

However, there are plenty of moments selling for a few dollars. It’s the Zion Williamson and LeBron James moments that stand out with their pricing. Big moments, hot upcoming talents and major players are valuable within the NBA Top Shot ecosystem.

During the weekend NBA Top Shot already had more than 1 million dollars in sales within 24 hours. Then on Tuesday they would launch a bunch of new packs, but the website couldn’t handle traffic. Dapper Labs first had the seriously expand their server capabilities before they could launch the Cool Cats packs. The number of active collectors is increasing. NBA Top Shot is only in beta and already has more than 10 thousand collectors. 

Why NBA Top Shot is so hot right now

The strength of the project is twofold. First of all Dapper Labs made the Flow blockchain in such a way that on-boarding into NBA Top Shot is frictionless. Users will have no problems with private keys and gas fees. The interface made by Dapper Labs has been praised by many users on social media.

Second, these digital collectibles are officially licensed by the NBA. They are the real deal and feature stars like for example LeBron James, Spencer Dinwiddie and many more. These collectibles come in different rarities, because of this prices for collectibles go from 1 dollar all the way to a couple of thousand dollars. Many collectors want to get in early, before the mainstream audience comes in and really pumps prices.

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