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Doctor Who: Worlds Apart Card Sale Open for Public

Doctor Who Worlds Apart tardis cards trading card game

The BBC has opened the sale of digital cards for the trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. The British television company, and license holder of the Doctor Who franchise, announced the blockchain-powered trading card game on Monday. It’s the first time anybody can buy cards or obtain one of the 1963 founder’s tokens.

In November fans who pre-registered were eligible to buy cards. They have obtained the first mints of every card available in the game. However, gamers who purchase cards now, will have no disadvantage what so ever.

The game itself is still under development. However, the individual cards can already be purchased. BBC Studios and Reality Gaming Group have created over two hundred cards based on characters, scenes and objects from the famous television series.

The founder’s tokens give owners a 20% discount on their purchases. Players with these tokens will be able to join the private alpha and beta test phases of the game, starting in 2021. In addition they will get a 200% experience boost and a new card pack with every new release.

There are different card packs for sale on the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart website. A core pack costs $4.99, while a premium pack goes for $12.99. The exclusive pack takes 30 dollars from your wallet, while the Tardis Pack costs a whopping $196.30. This pack contains ten cards of which five will have a Tardis frame.

Doctor Who is a science-fiction television series about a time lord called ‘The Doctor’. This person is extraterrestrial, but appears to be human. The Doctor travels through time and space using the Tardis, a time travel machine that looks like a blue Police Box, and has all kinds of adventures. The first episode aired in 1963, hence the price point for the Tardis Pack and the number of founder’s tokens.

Reality Gaming Group and the BBC will release Doctor Who: Worlds Apart as a free-to-play game. Players can buy cards based on the entire Doctor Who universe. They can then use their collection to build a deck and battle against other players in one-versus-one battles. They announced the game in August.

Trading card games and blockchain

Out of all game genres, trading card games seem to fit the blockchain very well. With Sorare players can dive into fantasy football, while Gods Unchained provides competitive gameplay. In addition there are games like Splinterlands, and upcoming titles like Synergy of Serra. While these titles have been getting attention, most card games are not tied to famous brands.

That’s why the Doctor Who game is so interesting. The brand has 5 million fans on Facebook, and an additional 1.6 million on Twitter. Seeing this brand dive into blockchain is exciting. It also ties in with the philosophy we’re seeing at for example the WAX and Flow blockchain. Both these blockchain companies believe that connecting with world famous brands is crucial for mainstream adoption. They are working with brands like Topps, Marvel, William Shatner, and the NBA.

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