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Earn Crypto Playing Call of Duty Warzone

Chain Games esports crypto CHAIN token

Call of Duty Warzone is the first mainstream game in the Chain Games ecosystem, allowing players of all skills to compete for crypto and thus earn money. Based on their in-game performance, players earn CHAIN tokens. This way Chain Games wants to give non-pro players also the possibility to earn money by being skilled.

Worldwide more than 75 million gamers have played Call of Duty Warzone. At this very moment at least 250 thousand gamers are battling each other. They could be doing the exact same thing, but getting paid in the process. Chain Games has launched a crypto-powered system where players can join paid competitions and earn based on their performance.

One CHAIN token is currently worth $0.01174390 and can be acquired through Uniswap. Players need these tokens before they can join in these online competitions. On the website tokens from a Metamask wallet can be approved and swapped for use in esports tournaments built on the Matic Network.

Chain Games launched in August and had problems with the Ethereum gas fees. They quickly moved their product over to the Matic Network. As a result they improved their game’s speed and the user experience. They also signed a partnership with Atari, adding Atari Token to their ecosystem.

In addition Chain Games has released their own game, Super Crypto Kart for desktop and mobile devices. The team also wants to incorporate other blockbuster games into their ecosystem, including Fortnite, Madden NFL, FIFA and Fall Guys. Currently Chain Games supports gaming platform BattleNet on PC, and both Xbox and Playstation.

Crypto rewards for competitions

Offering crypto rewards for competitive gaming is nothing new. Litebringer is a Litecoin-powered role playing game that’s mostly about trading, while Satoshi Battles is a competitive MMO using GameCredits. The system of crypto rewards also has a strong presence in the battle royale game Lightnite. In addition there’s of course Axie Infinity, where players earn Small Love Potions by winning matches. These players also earn prize money through season-based competitions. These are just a few examples of a rising trend that allows more gamers to play for money.

In some cases play-to-earn requires an entry fee, while it’s completely free in others. To play Axie Infinity gamers first need to buy three or more Axies. Another example would be that players first need to buy CHAIN before they can compete for crypto in Call of Duty Warzone. However, there are also free options like League of Kingdoms (gathering resources) and Gods Unchained (earning cards). But as always, money doesn’t come easy. When players can earn items for free, there’s always a certain grind involved.

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