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Gamers Have Spent $25 Million on Decentraland

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Gamers and collectors have spent almost 25 million dollars on digital assets and virtual land for Decentraland. According to blockchain research firm Messari there have been more than 76 thousand assets sold since March 2018. This would suggest an average price of 325 dollars per asset.

One can split the 25 million dollars in sale for Decentraland in two phases. According to the firm 2018 saw growth by large individual purchases. However, in 2020 the amount of trades has increased tremendously while value growth has slowed down. This suggests a strong increase in smaller transactions. Shirts, pants and hats for characters can be very wanted items.

According to data from Decentraland has a total all-time trading volume of 24.7 million dollars. That’s well ahead of the 1.6 million of Somnium Space and the 2.1 million of Cryptovoxels. With 1.59 million and no world to show for, The Sandbox is in fourth place.

Decentraland has a very strong position within the blockchain gaming space. It’s the second biggest project in terms of total trading volume, only behind Cryptokitties. When it comes down to the number of transactions, project like Gods Unchained, Axie Infinity, 0xUniverse, MegaCryptoPolis and Blockchain Cuties have seen more activity. Obviously the assets of these games are a lot cheaper when compared with the land parcels of Decentraland.

Samsung and Crypto Art

In recent weeks there have been some interesting developments surrounding Decentraland. While the community keeps organizing art shows and virtual parties, the foundation behind the virtual world is setting up partnerships. The Decentraland Marketplace is now available on all blockchain-enabled smartphones from Samsung. This means that people with a Samsung Galaxy S10 or better have direct access to the Decentraland Marketplace.

In addition Decentraland has signed deals with several blockchain-powered art galleries. As a result consumers with a Samsung Galaxy S10 are now able to buy crypto art from Known Origin, MakersPlace and SuperRare directly from their phones.

What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is a virtual world build on the Ethereum blockchain. Consumers can buy land within this world, and build anything. Currently ownership over virtual land is highly speculative, and the value of these lands increased significantly over the past year. Decentraland launched in February, and players can now visit by using a web browser on a desktop or laptop.

Within Decentraland people can build all kinds of businesses, including shops for in-game items, art galleries and games. Currently Matic Network is funding the development of additional games. Decentral Games and Metazone are some of the companies that create games within Decentraland. For example, Metazone is selling complete game installations. Landowners can earn money from those creations, while game creators earn a share of the revenue.

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