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Play to Earn an Airdrop of SAGA tokens

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Saga, a new, gaming centric blockchain, has announced plans to airdrop their SAGA token sometime during the first quarter of 2024. If you’ve staked ATOM, MATIC, or TIA tokens, then you may be eligible for the airdrop. Otherwise, everyone has a chance to ‘Play to airdrop’, by joining in various community gaming events!

Saga, a new blockchain protocol, has announced plans to airdrop their SAGA token in Q1 of 2024. Built using the tech from the Cosmos blockchain, Saga plans to reward those who staked at least 25 ATOM tokens between April of 2023 and October of 2023, with a larger portion going to those who also increased their staked ATOM holdings during that time. If you’re staking on a centralized platform such as Coinbase, you’ll just have to hope that those exchanges pass those tokens along to the users rather than keeping it for themselves!

And, since Saga is also using tech from Celestia, Celestia stakers will receive an airdrop as well. This part goes to those who have staked at least 23 TIA tokens between November and December 2023. And finally, they will also reward anyone who staked more than 300 MATIC on Polygon or moved more than 0.4 ETH through the zkEVM bridge between April and October of 2023, as well as everyone who staked any amount of AVAX token during the same time.

You can read an official breakdown of all these criteria on a Twitter thread that Saga posted recently.

Airdrop info for ATOM stakers
Airdrop info for ATOM stakers

Play to Airdrop

But what if you don’t fall into any of the eligible categories? Never fear! Saga is also holding a “Play to Airdrop” campaign. This campaign already started in December, and featured collaborations with a number of web3 games such as Generative Dungeon and Rogue Nation. These events involve competing in the specified game during the specified period and finishing in a top spot on the leaderboard. Season one of play to airdrop has finished, though season two should start soon.

The exact date of the airdrop has not yet been announced. Be sure to watch the official Saga Twitter account for an announcement, and be careful about falling for scam links.

Also, the team will be holding community calls about the airdrop on January 5th, 10:30am PT on Twitter, and January 8th, 10:30am PT on Discord.

As is often the case, residents and citizens of the United States aren’t eligible for this airdrop due to worries about legal troubles with U.S. agencies. However, this is where using a VPN could come in handy!

More about Saga

The Saga blockchain is a layer one protocol that focuses on high performance with low gas fees, end to end tools for web3 developers of all sizes, and an interconnected community. Saga allows developers to own their own ‘blockspace’, letting them define how certain aspects of the blockchain function when interacting with their apps.

To learn more about Saga, visit their website, join their Discord, and follow them on Twitter.

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