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Alien Worlds Adds Game Arena; Increases Planetary Income

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The updates keep coming from Alien Worlds as their ecosystem continues to grow and prosper. Recent updates include a new game arena hub within Alien Worlds to connect you to related projects, and an ongoing (though likely completed soon) contest to significantly increase the amount of TLM tokens the planets receive!

Alien Worlds seems to really be on the ball lately in regards to improvements and updates to their game ecosystem! The latest changes bring us two big features.

First off, we have a new hub on the Alien Worlds site called the Game Arena Portal. This hub will showcase community built games operating in the Alien Worlds universe. As more projects are funded and developed through the grants from Planetary Syndicates, and through direct grants from Alien Worlds, this hub will continue to grow and expand.

Alien Worlds has also made numerous improvements and adjustments to the user interface over the past few weeks. In addition, another recent change made it so that Mining results can now only be claimed every 24 hours.

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The Holoform Mystery

Alien Worlds recently began a contest, encouraging players to stake more TLM to planets, earning voting rights by doing so. The goal is to reach a total of 42 million staked TLM tokens. Once that goal is reached, the TLM drip rate to the Planetary Syndicate treasuries will increase from 2% to 4%. Trilium distribution to the Syndicates is weighted based on the total amount of stake TLM per planet, so stake to your favorite planet(s) to give them a larger share!

The lore behind this is the sudden appearance of mysterious ‘Holoform’ cities on each of the planets. Within these cities are large stockpiles of Trilium, and securing the city sites will allow the Federation to harvest the Trilium, distributing a share back to the planets.

The last announcement this morning put the total staked just 100K TLM tokens from the goal. So I imagine it will be reached soon, if it hasn’t already!

What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is a mining-based game on the WAX blockchain. Players can own land, use tools to mine for Trilium (TLM), the game token, customize their avatars, and send ships on missions to earn TLM and rare NFTs. Players can also earn TLM through mining, and then spend the tokens to upgrade tools and weapons.

Alien Worlds recently introduced the first phase of Syndicates, a player run, DAO-based, planetary governance system. The DAOs put forth proposals to help grow and expand the Alien Worlds ecosystem. To keep up with all of the Syndicate news, check out the Syndicate Underground articles in the Alien Worlds Medium feed.

In a notable cross-chain reach, the Trilum token bridges the Wax, Ethereum, and Binance blockchains, allowing the economies of all three chains to merge into one. Players can transfer TLM tokens back and forth on the networks using the official teleport page.

Read more in our full Alien Worlds guide here.

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