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Join 3D Alien Worlds Quests in MineQuest

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Alien Worlds introduces a new, 3D, Minecraft based experience to their growing universe! Dubbed MineQuest, this new addition allows players to explore all six worlds, build structures, engage in PvP, and complete quests for NFT points.

Though Minecraft wants nothing to do with blockchains and NFTs, the web3 space keeps coming back to Minecraft! The latest integration is with Alien Worlds, on a new feature known as MineQuest.

Players must to own the the Java edition of Minecraft to play MineQuest. Players will also need to login with their WAX wallet and link their Minecraft account at The MineQuest server address is and players will need to make sure they are using Minecraft version 1.19.2.

Players can join quests and track their progress by logging into with their WAX wallet. Quests have a limited time that they’re active, and a pool of point rewards to be divided among all participants who complete the quest.

NFT Points are used to purchase various items from the in-game, Alien Worlds store, including tools, weapons, and characters. The available items swap out on a monthly basis. Normally NFT points are only acquired by Mining. But the addition of MineQuest opens up a whole new level of play and earn opportunities in Alien Worlds!

a few of the items available for NFT points in Alien Worlds
a few of the items available for NFT points in Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds Awakens

After a long period of very little happening, Alien Worlds has stirred back to life this year. Their biggest addition has been the implementation of Planetary DAOs, or Syndicates. Syndicates have control over a steady flow of TLM tokens, and can decide how to use those tokens to help grow and nurture the Alien Worlds ecosystem

And after a few starting hiccups, the DAO system for Alien Worlds seems to be finding its stride. Recent additions to the ecosystem funded by the Planetary DAOS include Tool2Earn, a landowner utility that makes it easier to manage multiple plots, and Tool Tactician, a page that helps miners find the perfect mining tool selection and plots for their mining needs. Another DAO funded project called Arms World aims to bring utility to the Weapons NFTs for Alien Worlds. The official Alien Worlds blog has updates on the latest happenings with the Syndicates every few weeks.

Alien Worlds has also recently made a number of updates to improve their user experience across the board. This includes bug fixes, improved text descriptions, updated user interface layouts, and more. If you haven’t visited in a while, it’s worth checking out.

What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is a mining and land ownership game on the WAX blockchain with a growing ecosystem. Players can own land, use tools to mine for Trilium (TLM), the game token, customize their avatars, and send ships on missions to earn TLM and rare NFTs. Players can also earn TLM through mining, and then spend the tokens to upgrade tools and weapons. Earlier this year, Alien Worlds introduced the first phase of Syndicates, a player run, DAO-based, planetary governance system. The DAO members can put forth proposals to help grow and expand the ecosystem and must be voted into office on a regular basis.

To keep up with all of the Syndicate news, check out the Syndicate Underground articles in the Alien Worlds Medium feed.

In a notable cross-chain reach, the Trilum token bridges the Wax, Ethereum, and Binance blockchains, allowing the economies of all three chains to merge into one. Players can transfer TLM tokens back and forth on the networks using the official teleport page.

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