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Yuga and Animoca Announce Wreck League

Wreck League banner

Animoca Brands announces a new game called Wreck League, with a planned season one collaboration with Yuga Labs. Featuring Street Fighter style combat with completely customizable Mech fighters, Wreck League promises to bring in new partnerships with themed items every season!

Wreck League, a new PvP fighting game with customizable Mechs, was announced by Animoca Brands.

Animoca Brands plans seasonal collaborations for Wreck League and have already paired with Yuga Labs to make Wreck League part of ‘The Extended Yugaverse of Bored Ape and Otherside’. This means that some of the Yuga Labs characters may appear in Wreck League, but none of it will be considered official Yuga Labs canon.

Owners of Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, Kodas, and NFTs from the Kennel Club will have access to a free, fully constructed, Founders Mech. This Mech cannot be deconstructed.

For everyone else, there will soon be a mint for Boxes that contain parts for assembling Mechs. Signing up for the allowlist is open to everyone, though you do have to complete a KYC process through nWayPlay. The mint will run in several phases, with the first beginning sometime in August.

Buyers will have the option of purchasing Majestic Boxes, which contain 10 random parts needed to assemble a full Mech, and Booster Boxes, which contain five completely random parts. The Boxes and the Parts are all NFTs and come in varying rarities. In addition, some boxes will have special Mech Parts associated with the Yuga Labs collections.

What is Wreck League?

Wreck League is a side-scrolling, PvP, one on one, action combat game. However, rather than a set list of characters, players build their own fighter Mechs out of NFT parts! These parts not only affect the Mech’s look, but they also affect the Mech’s combat abilities.

Mechs are built from 10 different part types, with over 1.4 quadrillion combinations available. Luckily, the game allows players to disassemble their mechs and get their parts back for use in another creation. So if you don’t like how your Mech performs, you can always break it down and start again!

Wreck League will include both a web3, NFT-based version, and a free to play, web2 version. The web3 version will launch first, with the web2 version following later this year.

Wreck League has planned three tournaments for season one which will offer Mech parts as rewards, including 1 of a kind NFTs.

In an interesting addition, those who build and own NFT Mechs will be able to make in-game only copies of those Mechs and sell them through the game store to other players receiving a portion of the proceeds in return. So players who can create killer combos might be able to monetize their Mech building skill!

To learn more about Wreck League, visit their website, follow them on Twitter and join their Discord server.

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