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Sky City Beta Adds Conversational AI NPCs

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AlterVerse launches a new, four day weekend beta event for Sky City, their central hub for pretty much everything. This new beta version includes some general updates, a new Demolition Derby game, and NPCs that utilize conversational AI technology to engage with the players!

Well that didn’t take long. ChatGPT and other recent AI releases showed us that AI chat bots had become very skilled at being able to carry on a conversation and recognize natural language prompts. This seemed like a perfect fit for game NPCs, and sure enough, AlterVerse is the first to jump headfirst into the fray, offering a new selection of AI-guided NPCs to chat with in their Sky City social hub.

Players can chat with Avii, found in the starting area, and Omar, who hangs out at Club Sky City. These AIs are powered by Convai, a group specifically building conversational AIs for use in virtual worlds. Use of this AI chat feature will even be available to world builders. Pretty cool!

In addition, the latest version of Sky City sees a few fixes and tweaks as well as a new mini-game, Demolition Derby!

For those who like competitions, AlterVerse is also running daily contests with various NFTs up for grabs. Friday’s contest involves catching a screenshot of mayhem at the Demolition Derby and tweeting about it. Saturday’s contest requires encountering a cave creature in the lava caves and capturing an engaging screenshot. And the final contest on Sunday is all about building a dream coastal home in the Playa Diablo section of Sky City.

Players can download the installer here. You will also need to create a login account at

What is Sky City?

Sky City is the central social hub for all of Alterverse. The team refers to it as a MMOSSG, or Massively Multiplayer Online Social Sandbox Game. In addition to socializing, Sky City will provide access to various mini-games, shopping, and home decoration. Sky City also bridges the shopping experience, allowing players to purchase real life goods from within the game.

Built in Unreal 5, Sky City is a 3D, virtual city experience including customizable avatars, built-in voice chat, art galleries, virtual shops, racing games, a day/night cycle, and more! As Sky City gets closer to launch, it will offer shops and apartments to players in the form of NFTs. Sky City is currently in open beta.

What is AlterVerse?

AlterVerse is a new metaverse in development. With a decentralized, 3D, multiplayer, interconnected, VR-enabled platform, AlterVerse aims to claim a spot in an increasingly crowded field.

Servers for AlterVerse are player owned, with various customizable, pre-built environments and games. AlterVerse automatically adds newly launched game servers to the server list for players to access. At the center of this lies Sky City, a social hub with customizable spaces and storefronts for partnerships. One of those partners Double Protocol, offers an NFT renting system. Not only will Double Protocol own an in-game office, but they will also power the in-game rental market, allowing players to rent out land plots and other items!

Sky City is considered Phase 1 of the AlterVerse. Phase 2 includes Outpost, a FPS, sci-fi shooter with quests, mining and crafting. Phase 3 brings us Rekt, a hard core survival game set on a hostile planet. Sky City is currently in beta testing. Expect to see alphas for both Outpost and Rekt soon.

For more about AlterVerse, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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