AlterVerse Funding Announcement and Sky City Pre-Alpha

AlterVerse Sky City Announcement

AlterVerse, a new gaming metaverse, has announced that after successfully completing the Binance Labs Incubation Program, it has received funding from Binance Labs, Ankr, Baselayer Capital, Polygon Ventures, and EnjinStarter. The announcement will soon be followed by the Sky City pre-alpha launch. 

The Sky City project will be launched in four phases, including a sci-fi shooter game and a decentralized server platform for players.

About the Funding

AlterVerse was an early participant in the Binance Labs Incubation Program. Following the completion of the program, the company received funding from a private round led by Binance Labs and was joined by several investors. Binance Labs is a venture capital and arm accelerator of Binance, which was launched to incubate blockchain startups. 

The funding was carried out in $ACE, a new token on the BNB chain, and will act as an in-game currency in AlterVerse. The company has decided to use the funds to grow the entire AlterVerse Ecosystem and expand the Sky City project. The team has also been working with partner Enjin to integrate Efinity, the first Polkadot parachain dedicated to NFTs.


Sky City Project Announcement

The multi-world project will be launched in four phases – Sky City, Outpost, Rekt, and City Servers.

Sky City: Sky City is the central hub of AlterVerse, where players can buy lands, build, shop, gather resources, craft NFTs, sell, trade, and earn money by playing. The project is built using Unreal Engine 5 and will offer stunning graphics, design elements, smooth gameplay, and extensive 3D environments. The Alpha launch of the Sky City project is expected to occur in Q4 2022.

Pre-Alpha access has been launched following the funding announcement. Players can get exclusive access to the Sky City Pre-Alpha by submitting details in this google form. Those receiving early access will also be able to try out the playable demo version of Sky City. 

Sky City

Outpost: Outpost is a sci-fi shooter-style game that includes quests, crafting, and mining activities. Players can fly powerful XR75 fighter ships, compete in various contests, customize crew rooms and socialize with players. 

Outpost: Sci-fi Shooter

Rekt: The Rekt is a hardcore survival game that will be launched in Q1 2023. In Rekt, players have to survive and engage in battles with other players. It is similar to the Rust-like game genre.

Rekt: Hard Core Survival

City Servers: The City Servers is a decentralized metaverse platform with “Metaservers”, that can be owned, customized, and operated by players.

Tokenomics of AlterVerse

The native token of AlterVerse is $ACE, which can be used as an in-game currency for player rewards and in-game transactions. The $ACE token will run on the BNB smart chain along with land and skin NFTs. The team is also building an NFT marketplace that will be integrated with Polygon, BNB, Efinity, and many other chains. 

What is Alterverse?

The AlterVerse is a gaming metaverse containing various experiences, adventures, features, skins, servers, and NFTs. The decentralized metaverse will consist of interconnected worlds, games, and communities. Players can modify worlds, create them from scratch, and add game mechanics. 

All games in Alterverse are multi-players and will feature tokenized skins, NFTs, servers, and memberships using the Enjin platform. In addition, there will be a monetization system for registered server owners, an integrated marketplace for NFTs, day/night cycles in the world, weather systems, interactive NPCs, built-in audio chat, customizable male and female avatars, and much more.

AlterVerse Marketplace NFTs

AlterVerse has already completed 75 partnerships with companies such as Fancurve, X Rocker gaming furniture, Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee, and Razor Scooter. The team of AlterVerse consists of game industry veterans having work experience in Activision, Sony Playstation, Gamestop, Gameworks, and highly acclaimed game titles such as Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Apex Legends.

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