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Topia to Restart World Staking

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Topia announces plans to re-open their staking program for World NFTs on June 14th. This system will reward landowners with TOPIA tokens for holding and staking their land NFTs, and will also function as an important cog in the larger, Topia ecosystem.

When NFT Worlds rebranded to Topia, they also relaunched their World NFTs, and paused their NFT staking feature. But things are starting to come together for the Topia team, and they are ready to restart their staking program!

Staking Worlds for TOPIA Tokens

The Topia World staking program launches on June 14th. This incentive-based system rewards World owners with TOPIA tokens for holding and locking their NFTs. Tokens are distributed on a daily basis, proportionally among all the stakers. And as added bonus for early adopters, Topia will distribute an extra tokens among all of those who stake a World within the first 72 hours of the site going live. 30 million to be exact! With only 10,000 Worlds available, that’s a guaranteed minimum of 3,000 tokens per land — though the actual numbers will likely be much higher!

And for everyone who had an unclaimed balance from the previous staking system, no worries! That remaining balance will convert into claimable TOPIA tokens, accessible from the World Management page. Additionally, everyone who was already staking when the system was paused, will also receive a backpay of staking rewards for the month that the site was closed.

convert WRLD to TOPIA
convert WRLD to TOPIA

Those who still holding the deprecated WRLD tokens can migrate them via (note: the WRLD tokens must be on the Ethereum mainnet to swap). Liquidity pools and staking system for TOPIA should be live sometime soon.

Topia also recently introduced the first version of the governance proposal system. Token holders can create and vote on proposals via the governance page.

sample creatures from Topia
sample creatures from Topia

What is Topia?

Topia is a collection of virtual worlds, each of which can be customized, managed, and monetized by their owner. The game features a Minecraft style feel and gameplay with improved graphics.

Topia already has an Armory feature available. This is kind of a mini-world, wardrobe feature. The Armor allows players to preview their avatar appearance while running and jumping in a small game space. Owners of NFT Worlds and Gray Boys avatars can already see their NFTs the Armory.

Billed as a better, web3 version of Minecraft, Topia will include an in-app marketplace, wallet-free logins, support for custom content and tokens, the ability to play in a browser, and plenty more! They are also very focused on creating a set of developer tools that fully meet the needs of those creating the custom content. Topia expects to launch in late 2023.

To learn more about Topia Worlds, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

work in progress of Topia launcher app
work in progress of Topia launcher app
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