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NFT Worlds Announces Rebrand to Topia

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What is dead may never die! Rising from the ashes of their sudden closure due to Microsoft’s surprise announcement that they would not allow any blockchain integration with Minecraft, NFT Worlds rebrands to Topia.

NFT Worlds was on the top of the web3 gaming scene early last year. Then an announcement from Minecraft that no NFT or blockchain integration would be allowed with their game, forced NFT Worlds to close down and reboot. And though this hiatus put them behind the rest of the pack, the realm of virtual worlds is still very much up for grabs!

Since that announcement, NFT Worlds has been hard at work rebuilding their game from the ground up. That work is still in progress, but they continue to make strides. Their latest move brings a rebrand to their entire platform. No longer NFT Worlds, this project is now known as Topia!

More about Topia

As part of the rebrand, Topia has reissued their World NFTs. Everyone who held an NFT Worlds NFT has received an airdrop of an exact copy of their world in the new version. You can view the new collection at A year ago these NFTs were going for 15 ETH. Since then they have dropped as low as less than 1 ETH, and are now back up near 2 ETH apiece.

As they began building up their new game, the team branched into creating a set of open-source, web3 tools. These tools allow any project (not just those built on their ecosystem), to incorporate token transfers, logins, and all sorts of other good stuff. These same tools are leveraged for Topia Worlds to build a seamless experience for players.

In addition, Topia plans to create their own sidechain. And presumably their WRLD token and NFT Worlds Avatar NFTs will also migrate over at some point in the near future.

There are still a lot of other moving parts, including a new staking contract for the Worlds. But Topia is a project to keep an eye on over the coming months!

Armory feature for previewing avatars
Armory feature for previewing avatars

What is Topia?

Topia is a collection of virtual worlds, each of which can be customized, managed, and monetized by their owner. The game features a Minecraft style feel and gameplay with improved graphics.

Topia already has an Armory feature available. This is kind of a mini-world, wardrobe feature allowing players to preview their avatar appearance. Owners of NFT Worlds and Gray Boys avatars can see their NFTs in a game world preview.

Billed as a better, web3 version of Minecraft, Topia will include an in-app marketplace, wallet-free logins, support for custom content and tokens, the ability to play in a browser, and plenty more! They are also very focused on creating a set of developer tools that fully meet the needs of those creating the custom content.

Topia expects to launch in late 2023.

To learn more about Topia Worlds, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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