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Play to Earn with Weekly Dungeons in The Beacon

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Though still officially in a pre-alpha state, The Beacon already offers a play to earn feature via weekly dungeons. Players can visit up to four dungeons per week per character, and earn game items as well as a new game currency called Lux Shards!

The Beacon continues to develop their pre-alpha, action RPG game, recently introducing a new game currency known as Lux Shards. Lux Shards are in in-game currency only that players earn by completing dungeons. Players then use the Shards to purchase chests or special seasonal items from the Bazaar. The seasons will last for eight weeks.

The Beacon offers four new dungeons to explore and conquer every week. Players can complete each dungeon once per character per week. Free to play characters only have access to two of the four dungeons. NFT characters can visit all four each week.

Loot is only found from a dungeon run once it’s been completed. And if a player dies during a run, they have to start at the beginning and try again. Luckily, The Beacon does offer a option to exit early during the run. Though the chances of receiving good rewards are lowered if you take the “Coward’s Exit”! Once a character successfully exits a dungeon, that dungeon is closed for them until the next reset.

Owning a Founding Character provides various game bonuses such as the ability to find items that can be minted into NFTs. Players can also own pets known as Moonfae. Moonfae provide a bonus number of Lux Shards at the end of every week based on their yield boost.

The dungeons reset at 14:00 UTC on Mondays.

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What is The Beacon?

The Beacon is a web-based, pixelated, action RPG. Players adventure through dungeons, win treasure, and decorate their homes. The Beacon runs on Arbitrum, a sidechain for Ethereum.

The game is free to play, though players receive significant bonuses when using character NFTs and Pets. The game is action-oriented, with each dungeon excursion also running on a time limit. Also, all players have access to a house which they can decorate with items they find from dungeon runs.

The Beacon plans to have many more features such as procedurally generated dungeons, multiple play modes, and a multiplayer, social hangout area. The Beacon currently has no plans for new mints or releasing a token in the near future as they work on bringing their game up to alpha status. At the moment, The Beacon is still in an early, pre-alpha state. Though it is very playable.

To learn more about The Beacon, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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counting loot at the Inn
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