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Skyweaver Introduces Weekly Play to Earn Rewards

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Skyweaver dropped news of new, weekly rewards for playing Conquest mode. Now, in addition to Silver and Gold cards, players earn weekly chests while playing Conquest. These chests may include cards, cosmetics, or even special items that cannot be found anywhere else! This feature is expected to go live with Patch 100, sometime later this year.

Skyweaver exists in an interesting place. Somewhere between a regular web game, and a web3 game. They have no token. And their cards can’t be traded externally. But they do support in-house trading for USDC tokens using a liquidity pool system. And they have an in-game wallet to enable easy transfer of USDC to and from the game ecosystem via the Polygon network. And, they have a play-to-earn system in place!

Skyweaver also does not sell any of their cards. That’s right, a card game that doesn’t sell cards! Instead, All cards are earned by players through playing the game. Some Silver cards are generated as rewards to the top players on the leaderboards every week, but Gold cards are only created when players win three Conquest matches in a row.

The game is completely free to play, though buying a key to enter Conquest mode costs $1.50 USDC.

Conquest Weekly Rewards

Skyweaver Conquest weekly rewards chart

Skyweaver offers a play-to-earn economy via a special game mode called Conquest. Players can buy tickets for Conquest mode with USDC. Winning Conquest games rewards Silver and Gold cards. These cards can be directly traded in-game for USDC. If you’re a competent and consistent player, it is very possible to make more money selling cards than you spend buying Conquest keys!

Now Skyweaver introduces another layer, weekly Conquest points. Earn Conquest points by playing, to level up your Treasure chest, which opens automatically at the end of every week. Players need at least 250 points to qualify.

Players earn points for finishing matches (+4), playing with Silver cards (+1) or Gold cards (+3), or using Legacy Hero Skins (points to be determined). So, playing with a deck made up of only Gold cards would net the player a nice 94 points per match played! And in a nice, ease of life addition for the playerbase, extra Conquest points carry over to the next week. So if you finish a week with 3,000 points, you will receive the level 4 chest and start the next week with 500 points!

This is a nice boost to the Skyweaver economy. Increasing the potential rewards encourages players to spend more time in Conquest mode. On top of that, adding bonuses for using Silver and Gold cards provides extra value to what was otherwise mostly just a cosmetic item.

How to get Started in Skyweaver?

Skyweaver is a fantasy-themed, collectible card game with play and earn opportunities. Getting started is free and easy. The onboarding process is very smooth and the tutorials available make the game easy to approach, even if you are unfamiliar with the trading card game genre. Before entering PvP arenas you will need to gain experience by battling against bots. You will earn basic cards and heroes along the way to help build your first decks. Skyweaver also offers a ‘Discovery’ game mode, where each player begins with a semi-random deck.

Buy and sell cards in the marketplace

The game plays in your web browser or with the native apps available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. All the information to get started can be found in our Skyweaver guide here. More information about the game economy and the team’s vision can be found in this article.

To learn more about the game, read our full Skyweaver Review.

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