NFT Worlds Tops the OpenSea Virtual Worlds Chart

NFT Worlds

The value of $WRLD after the release of the first live server for NFT Worlds shed light on the game, and thousands of players and guilds joined in by purchasing NFT Worlds NFTs. NFT Worlds land plots are now the most traded virtual worlds assets on Open Sea.

It feels like yesterday that NFT Worlds were selling out for 1-2ETH. After the extreme growth of the project, the floor price on Open Sea is now 14.99 ETH, way higher than all the other most traded Virtual Worlds like The Sandbox or Decentraland. 

The reason behind this is quite simple: lots of guilds are joining and building on these Worlds. Since the $WRLD token was released and the company moved to the second-layer side chain Polygon, things started to get real.

The weekly Virtual Worlds chart on OpenSea

NFT Worlds is effectively one of the only playable, fun experiences you can enjoy on the blockchain right now, because it is built on a solid and popular platform

The decision of building on top of Minecraft, instead of developing a new game altogether, turned out to be a winning bet. 

You can see all the projects being developed on NFTWorlds here, the list is public and includes some very interesting ideas.

NFT Worlds Migrating to Polygon

$WRLD is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the primary utility token and the token used when playing in an NFT World.

Since the rise of NFT Worlds on Open Sea, $WRLD gained almost 40% and broke all records. The team confirmed the switch to Polygon, and set the gas fee to 1WRLD paid on the recipient’s end when sending the transaction.

The team is also working on a seamlessly integrated launcher, which will allow to hold and trade $WRLD – meaning users won’t need MetaMask, or a wallet in general, to play NFT Worlds.

NFT Worlds is moving to a frictionless onboarding experience that will allow people to exchange goods without gas fees and without having to worry about the underlying technology stack. 

NFTs Renting and Staking

The developers acknowledged that they expect the price of NFT Worlds NFTs to become extremely prohibitive soon. They reacted quickly and developed a complex, functional algorithm for staking NFT Worlds in exchange for $WRLD.

Additionally, all NFT owners will be able to rent out their NFTs so that creators will be able to build on top of these worlds without the hefty entry fee.

You can read the full guide on how staking and renting will work on their whitepaper that was recently updated.

The $WRLD token has high in-game utility, and a Total Supply of 5,000,000,000 tokens. Players in the first company-owned servers are currently earning an average of $2 per hour playing Minecraft.

What is NFT Worlds? 

NFT Worlds is a collection of NFTs based on Minecraft seeds. Procedurally generated, each world contains resources of various rarities. This affects the world’s collection value and airdrop potential. But this isn’t just a simple Minecraft seed. Each world is fully customizable, that can be synced up the blockchain, shared with other players, even leased and monetized!

Owners are free to edit their world as they wish. At any time, owners can sync and save those changes back to the NFT. Any changes are then reflected in the NFT’s image! There aren’t many projects with mutable NFTs, so this is pretty cool to see in action. Some of these worlds have been molded by professional Minecraft builders into really amazing and detailed landscapes.

The number of worlds are limited to 10,000. There will be no more. A number of NFT projects have already grabbed an NFT World to establish a base or headquarters for their community. This includes Metabears, Llamaverse, Bad Baby Dinos, Rare Ghost Club, Gray Boys, and CrazySkulls.

And for those with the funds and vision but not the time or skill to build your own world, there are several ‘Verified Builders’ available and willing to put in the work for you.

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