Kongregate Enters the Web 3 World With Immutable X

After announcing its partnership with GameStop, Immutable partners with Kongregate, another giant of the gaming industry. With this strategic partnership, Kongregate joins the web 3 world and opens a whole new world of possibilities to its existing and future titles.

Do you remember playing flash games on ? If not, you might just be too young to remember it. But many of us remember the hours spent on the portal playing casual games in their web browsers. Kongregate was created in 2006 as a portal hosting Flash games and supporting indie game developers. By offering free access to thousands of games, Kongregate has always been focused on bringing fun to players across the globe.

Kongregate also started publishing their own games, and focused later on towards mobile gaming. Their mobile games have been downloaded hundred of million of times and cumulate billions of gameplays.

Part of Kongregate’s mobile games portfolio

Empowering Developers and Gamers

To this day, they still support a community of independent game developers by offering them tools to develop their games and a platform to distribute them.

With the announcement of their partnership with Immutable, Kongregate and its community of developers enter the world of blockchain gaming.

“Kongregate’s mission, from our early days as a leading flash games portal to today as a first-party game developer, has always been about bringing fun and unique experiences to players, which is why we see huge potential in blockchain gaming. Aligning with the right partners is key as we develop games with this new technology, which is why we’re pleased to be working with Immutable X, a well-known leader in the blockchain space whose focus is to advance the technology in ways that meaningfully address environmental and ethical concerns.”

Markus Lipp, CEO of Kongregate

By partnering with Immutable X, Kongregate will be able to give the best NFT gaming experience to its players. Immutable’s technology allows users to enjoy fast and gas-free trading of NFTs while benefiting from Ethereum’s security layer.

Such a partnership is a great news for Immutable who keeps developing its network, but is even a better news for the NFT gaming space. Kongregate’s focus on players will help onboard millions of new players who will discover NFT and play-to-earn games without compromising their experience.

“Kongregate is a household name in gaming. They were at the very frontier of web-based gaming, and now they’re going to be at the frontier of web3. Fundamental to Kongregate’s success has been embracing community, quickly iterating, and focusing on what matters to players. Under Markus’ leadership I could not be more excited to see what the future of user-generated content and a player-first approach to NFT gaming will look like.”

Robbie Ferguson, Co-Founder at Immutable

Kongregate’s journey in web 3 will start with the development of two new games launching later this year. Each game will have its own and unique approach to integrate blockchain technology and the company promised to empower players by giving them a voice in the game development process. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon from Kongregate.