Play to Earn Game Festival Welcomes Ladz City

Play to Earn is excited to welcome Ladz City to the Play to Earn Game Festival. At the festival they will record live shows with an audience, as they jump into their second season. The Ladz City community is welcome at the festival to join all the giveaways while enjoying the live show from the Ladz City crew.

We also want to invite the Play to Earn community to show the live show, and make an awesome social gathering out of it. Do not forget to wear your Play to Earn Game Festival shirt!

The Ladz Day Hangout Special will kick off at 2:30PM EST, 6:30 PM UTC or 8:30PM CET. The event will take place at the Play to Earn Game Festival inside Cryptovoxels.

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What is Play to Earn Game Festival

The Play to Earn Game Festival aims to promote blockchain gaming, the metaverse and play-to-earn mechanics in particular. It takes place inside Cryptovoxels, a virtual world powered blockchain technology and accessible through any internet device with access to a web browser. Check out our festival page!

Today we will also update the festival, as visitors of reached the next stage. Furthermore we will open-up a major giveaway for Mirandus, the upcoming MMORPG by Gala Games. Keep your eyes open on our social media, because you don’t want to miss out on this.

And while we’re talking, don’t forget to join the story-driven puzzles at the festival. By contributing to the puzzles, you’re collecting points which will give you a bigger chance of receiving a share of that $1,000 prize pool!

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