Play to Earn Game Festival powered by Echoes of Empire

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Welcome to the Play to Earn Game Festival, a gamified experience hosted by Play To Earn Online Magazine and sponsored by Gala Games’ Echoes of Empire, the upcoming NFT-powered space exploration and adventure game by Ion Games.

Throughout the week-long event, the specific setting will change day-to-day as the gamified story unfolds. There will be missions to accomplish, but also problems to solve, secrets to uncover and prizes to be won.

The main setting of this adventure is aboard the space station IO – Segura7, orbiting above the planet Lina Minor. Players set foot on the space station, and then discover something is seriously wrong. Will visitors of the festival solve the puzzles and then save humanity, or do we end up one step closer to extinction?

When? Monday July 12th – Sunday July 18th
Where? Visit here
Devices? Browser on desktop, mobile devices and VR headsets
Entrance fee? Nope. Free!

What is Play to Earn Game Festival

The Play to Earn Game Festival aims to promote blockchain gaming, the metaverse and play-to-earn mechanics in particular. It takes place inside Cryptovoxels, a virtual world powered blockchain technology and accessible through any internet device with access to a web browser.

Our Sponsors

We are thankful for the support we receive from within the blockchain gaming community. This third edition of the Play to Earn Game Festival is powered by Echoes of Empire, the latest, upcoming space adventure game by Ion Games and Gala Games. We also received support from Alien Worlds, Star Atlas, The Sandbox and Cometh.

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