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Doctor Who Marketplace Coming Within Two Weeks

Doctor Who Worlds Apart Time Lord President Pack

The marketplace to trade Doctor Who: Worlds Apart cards will launch before the end of March, Reality Gaming wrote in recent update. This marketplace doesn’t come with any gas fees, as they are using a private fork of Ethereum. However, trading on OpenSea will require users to transfer their cards to the Ethereum mainnet.

According to Reality Gaming this is a great benefit for gamers new to the blockchain, because they don’t need to worry about gas fees. The Doctor Who marketplace is currently being tested, while game developers are creating the deck builder. This is another feature that will go live before the end of the month.

The complete trading card game of Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is far from finished. The developers just introduced Planets as focal points for deck building. Players will need to choose a home planet. Planets will limit the ability to use certain cards, giving players more focus when creating their decks.

These Planets come with new gameplay abilities as well. For example, each player controls their own planet, but only the last one is displayed. In addition players can stack their Planets, increasing the powers of certain cards. In addition players can resummon Planets that have been visited during the game.

What is Doctor Who: Worlds Apart?

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is a trading card game made by the British game studio Reality Gaming Group and licensed by BBC Studios. The card game is based on the BBC television series, and features unique artwork from the early and modern days of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who is a science-fiction television series about a time lord called ‘The Doctor’. This person is extraterrestrial, but appears to be human. The Doctor travels through time and space using the Tardis, a time travel machine that looks like a blue Police Box, and has all kinds of adventures. The first episode aired in 1963, hence the price point for the Tardis Pack and the number of founder’s tokens.

Reality Gaming Group and the BBC will release Doctor Who: Worlds Apart as a free-to-play game. Players can buy cards based on the entire Doctor Who universe. They can then use their collection to build a deck and battle against other players in one-versus-one battles. They announced the game in August 2020.

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