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Somnium Space Adds $300.000 Revenue from Land Sale

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During the second week of the Secondary Land Offering, Somnium Space has made another 300 thousand dollars in revenue. Now the total revenue is just over 572 thousand dollars, according to data obtained by Somnium Times. Especially the Somnium Worlds servers are in high demand.

On average the XL land parcels sell for 2800 dollars, while the cheapest small land parcels sell for an average of 800 dollars. However, these numbers are nothing compared with the money that’s being pumped into Somnium Worlds. The most expensive ones sold for well above 30 thousand dollars. These transactions indicate the amount of hype there is surrounding Somnium Space.

The third week of the Secondary Land Offering started on Sunday. Until Saturday November 22nd they will sell another 50 XL, medium and small in-land and roadside parcels and bigger estates. In addition there will be another nine Somnium Worlds. Investors and gamers can obtain this virtual real-estate by participating in an auction. They’ve listed the virtual land on Opensea and made it available through payments in ETH, CUBES or DAI.

An estate consisting out of six XL land parcels has a starting price of 24 ETH. One separate XL land parcel starts at 4 ETH. A small land parcel only costs 0.7 ETH, even though that’s of course the minimum bid.

What is Somnium Space?

Somnium Space is a virtual world in which landowners can build whatever they want to. The program registers landownership on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition all players can visit these creations and interact with each other. The developers have created Somnium Space with VR headsets in mind, even though players can also access to world through their desktop or laptop.

Value of land in Somnium Space has been increasing incredibly over the year. We can also see this increased demand for virtual land in other virtual worlds and even in blockchain-powered video games. League of KingdomsBrave Frontier Heroes and Axie Infinity are just a few of the examples that offer digital land to their players.

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