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Blockchain Game Alliance to Live Demo Products

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The Blockchain Game Alliance is organizing its first BGA Game Demo Day during which members of the non-profit organization can showcase their products, games and services. The event will take place on Wednesday November 4th and November 11th and features projects like Ember Sword, Somnium Space, The Sandbox, Xaya and Enjin.

These events take place from 17:00 CET until approximately 19:00. During those two hours companies get to present their games or products in 10 minute presentations.

The Blockchain Game Alliance plans to make the whole live stream even more interesting, by giving away $3000 worth of digital assets. There will be prizes for the upcoming Dr Who trading card game, but also land for The Sandbox, car parts for 22 Series Racing, and much more.

The presentation will be live here!

For full disclosure. Play to Earn is part of the Blockchain Game Alliance as a media member. However, Play to Earn is not involved in the organization of these events.

Why blockchain gaming is important

In the broadest sense blockchain games are games that utilize blockchain technology. With this blockchain technology gamers are being empowered. It for example allows them to have full ownership over digital assets, and in some cases gamers even govern the entire game. However, there are many degrees of blockchain games.

In essence blockchain games give players ownership over certain aspects of the game. This can be complete governance or item ownership. This mechanic works thanks to non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology.

These mechanics free to consumer from the shackles of big media entities. Gamers used to be consumers, and nowadays they are cashcows for digital products. Players have no ownership, but merely license the rights to use a game. Blockchain gaming puts more power into the hands of gamers, and that’s something that’s very needed.

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