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Blockchain Games Grew 35 Percent in 2020

BGA Blockchain Game Report 2020

The daily number of active players for blockchain games grew approximately 35 percent during 2020. According to data presented by DappRadar in the BGA Blockchain Game Report 2020 there were approximately 20 thousand daily active user wallets on January, and an average of 27.765 daily active wallets in December.

During the year the number of daily active wallets first dropped, caused by gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain. However, alternative blockchain solutions like Hive and EOS have seen considerable growth for their gaming products.

On Ethereum Axie Infinity has seen a tremendous growth of 810 percent. At the same time Upland did very well on EOS with a 516 percent growth. Splinterlands, which switched from the Steem to the Hive blockchain, has seen 53 percent growth in the number of active wallets.

In general EOS had the most gaming activity on their blockchain. With Upland, Prospectors and Crypto Dynasty they had lots of activity. The Hive blockchain is home to a variety of games, but only Splinterlands really stands out.

Source: DappRadar, Blockchain Game Report 2020

Aside from the wallet activity, blockchain gaming was also responsible for a lote more value. According to DappRadar annual growth has increased 191 percent from $59.500 per day in January, to $173.500 in December. Obviously the value of Ethereum and other blockchain tokens plays an important role here, and because of gas fees the number of transactions actually declined. They just became a lot more valuable.

Near the end of the year we’ve seen some big NFT sales in the gaming sector, and this continued in January. Polyient Games paid $800.000 for a citadel inside Mirandus, while collectible game NBA Top Shot has been seeing millions in trading volume per day.

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