Gala Games Ready for Play to Earn Game Festival

town star play to earn game festival

Gala Games is the latest blockchain gaming company to join the Play to Earn Game Festival. At the event they will be showcasing their new game Town Star, letting gamers play to earn through farming and developing their farm into a town filled with activity. The Play to Earn Game Festival will start on November 2nd.

Town Star is a game from one of the co-founders of Zynga, the company behind Farmville. They built the game on Gala’s own network, which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain. Players need to grow crops, gather resources and create materials to build even more buildings. As a result a small farm can grow into a town full of activity.

“It’s great to have Gala Games join our festival. Town Star has real mainstream appeal and is capable of attracting a casual audience. Showing those gamers the power of player-ownership is something I’m really looking forward to”, said Play to Earn owner Robert Hoogendoorn.

“At Gala Games, we are working to decentralize the billions of dollars spent annually on video game advertising. We see the play-to-earn mechanic as being central to this effort, because it allows you, the player, to participate in a broader ecosystem where in-game efforts are rewarded in the real world. We are delighted with the Play to Earn Game Festival team, and look forward to the event!”, said Jason Brink, CMO at Gala Games.

Town Star is already playable on the Gala Games website. At the Play to Earn Game Festival visitors can win unique game assets to enhance their farms. In addition Gala Games will be giving away an awesome prize for their upcoming role playing game Mirandus. Stay tuned for more info about the prizes at the festival.

About Play to Earn Game Festival

The Play to Earn Game Festival is powered by the upcoming trading card game Synergy of Serra. The event is the very first gaming convention taking place in the metaverse. Gamers and enthusiast will be able to visit the event in virtual reality. They can use for example computers, smartphones and VR headsets. At the event they will see new and upcoming games that embrace the concept of play-to-earn, while enjoying video game art.

The Play to Earn Game Festival takes place from November 2nd until November 13th. The virtual event is free to visit, provides tons of valuable information and let’s visitors join in different raffles. So Follow Play to Earn Online Magazine on Twitter, Discord, and Substack to stay up-to-date and don’t miss out.

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