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Litecoin RPG Litebringer Gaining Traction

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Since Litebringer launched on the Litecoin blockchain last week, the strategy role playing game has attracted almost three thousand players. Activity has steadily been going up every day, and according to data from DappRadar the game is now in the top ten in terms of active users in the past seven days.

In its first week Litebringer had 2930 players who made one or more characters inside the game. Gamers act as a kind of hero manager, as they send heroes on quests in order to obtain stronger weapons and gear. Players have now created more than 5000 characters.

Gamers get to make fighters, rogues and sorcerers. Each of these characters has its own strengths and weaknesses. A player’s heroes earn digital weapons, armor and items by going on quests and defeating enemies. However, every move requires a Litecoin transaction.

Players who want to play Litebringer will need to pay a subscription fee. For the first month that will only be a couple of cents, while in the future it will be approximately one dollar per month per character.

Complete decentralized gaming

At this moment many blockchain games use centralized servers to process their gameplay elements. In most cases the blockchain only registers digital ownership. Transaction fees and the processing speed hold back the adoption of blockchain in the gaming industry. However, current blockchain technology won’t be able to process actual fast-paced gameplay.

With Litebringer players will download a Windows client that connects directly with data on the Litecoin blockchain. Because gameplay is idle and not based on head-to-head action, it’s possible to run the game on modern blockchain technology. As a matter of fact, there are blockchain projects designed specifically around this concept. Libplanet from Planetarium runs Nine Chronicles. At the same time decentralized games like Taurion and Soccer Manager Elite use the Xaya blockchain.

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