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Gamers Potentially Got $1000 Uniswap Bonus

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Gamers who played Axie Infinity and swapped their in-game rewards for actual money, can now claim a $1000 bonus from Uniswap. All traders, investors and gamers who have been using the Uniswap Exchange, will get at least 400 UNI tokens. At the current rate that’s $2.68 per UNI token, bringing the total to 1072 dollars.

In Axie Infinity gamers earn Small Love Potions for winning battles. They can use these SLP tokens in the game to breed new game creatures. They could also sell them to other players on an open marketplace like Uniswap. This has become a common practice for many Axie Infinity players, providing serious value to some of them.

Axie Infinity players obviously aren’t the only ones using Uniswap. Users who earned DAI rewards in League of Kingdoms could’ve swapped their earnings to another token on this exchange platform. Uniswap is an easy way to swap one token for the other, peer-to-peer, without the intervention of centralized institutions. Despite the interesting opportunity for gamers, cryptocurrency traders use the platform the most.

Why this UNI drop?

The $1000 bonus check from Uniswap for gamers and traders is from that perspective a gift from above. Free internet money to pay for education or other needs in life. For Uniswap Exchange the airdrop of their UNI token has a completely different reason. The platform is the number one decentralized protocol for trading crypto assets, and UNI adds community-driven governance.

“Uniswap is now particularly well positioned for community-led growth, development, and self-sustainability”

Uniswap blog (17 September 2020)

Users who have used or contributed to Uniswap, can claim their UNI bonus. This includes users who experiences failed transactions and those who function as liquidity providers. In addition the platform will give a bonus of 1000 UNI to users who own SOCKS tokens. Uniswap has minted 1 billion UNI, and they will distribute this to the market over a period of four years.

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