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The Sandbox is a virtual world in which players own and customize the 166 thousand different land parcels its made out of. On those land parcels, which are represented as non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, the landowners can do whatever they want: build games, virtual museums or other creative creations.

The world of The Sandbox is made out of voxels. From that perspective it’s very similar to Minecraft. However, in The Sandbox everybody can make a game, can design fashionable characters or earn SAND tokens by completing quests. Everybody in The Sandbox contributes to the game’s ecosystem, and therefore everybody earns rewards. That’s a true play-to-earn business model.

Creating in The Sandbox

The Sandbox provides free tools to create assets. VoxEdit is a free creator to make voxel assets, including for example game characters or non-player characters. Creations made in VoxEdit can be sold on an open and player-driven marketplace, and other people can then use those assets to decorate their lands.

Aside from VoxEdit, The Sandbox has free software GameMaker. This software can be used to make games or other interactive installations. To make these, creators can use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) made with VoxEdit. Once the game installation is complete, all used assets are saved into one ERC-1155 non-fungible token. In essence this means that these interactive creations can also be sold as separate games within The Sandbox.

  • The Kuniverse Sandbox Event is live with a 500,000 SAND Prize Pool

    Kuniverse is a digital gaming metaverse announced by Argentine football player Sergio Aguero in partnership with The Sandbox. The metaverse platform opened the Kuniverse on November 8, 2022 to the public and announced a $500k $SAND prize pool for players. The Kuniverse Avatar holders will also get a chance to visit the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup. […]
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  • Mint Kuni Avatars for Sandbox

    We’ve seen a lot of celebrities come and go in the blockchain space, but most don’t get involved with the gaming side of things. However, Sergio “Kun” Aguero, a former Argentinian, professional football player, is launching ‘Kuniverse’ in The Sandbox and a set of avatars to go along with it! The mint for Kuni avatars […]
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  • Join The Sandbox Star Atlas Game Jam and Halloween VoxEdit Contest

    The Sandbox has launched a new Halloween VoxEdit Contest in which players have to create spooky and scary creatures using The Sandbox’s VoxEdit software. The contest began on October 17, 2022, and will end on October 31, 2022. In addition, The Sandbox has also announced the Star Atlas game jam, where participants have to create […]
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  • The Footballer Kun Aguero Partners With The Sandbox to Launch the Kuniverse

    Sergio “Kun” Aguero, the former Argentinian professional football player, has announced his gaming metaverse on The Sandbox. The Kunivers has been developed in partnership with Eter Studio, an Argentinian creative agency. The first version of the Kuniverse will be launched on November 6, 2022, and will include an NFT collection and football gaming experiences.  Since […]
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  • Monkeying Around for Big Prizes in The Sandbox

    A new experience in The Sandbox, known as ‘Monkeying Around’, gives players a chance to play as a Bored Ape character and earn big prizes. Created by MetaPrints and For J, this experience offers massive payouts to the top players with rewards worth over $30,000. The event runs for three weeks and has already begun! […]
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  • Play to Earn Games to Watch in October

    October officially brings us to Q4 of 2022. And during the first three-fourths of the year, we saw some massive shifts in the web3 enabled gaming space. The rise of higher quality games brought us a summer of betas. And though there are still plenty of chances to get in on beta and alpha gameplay, […]
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  • OliveX Partners with The Sandbox to Expand the Fitness Metaverse

    OliveX is a Hong Kong-based digital fitness company that rewards players with NFTs and cryptos on completing their workout and fitness-based game missions. The company has partnered with The Sandbox to create a new space in the metaverse. The collaboration will help promote new and upcoming fitness brands and introduce innovative products to the young population. Recently, The […]
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  • New SAND Staking Pool for Sandbox Land Owners

    Back in the old days (i.e. two years ago), The Sandbox used to reward land holders with special NFTs and a bonus to their staking program. But, since the migration to Polygon, there hasn’t been a lot of extra incentives to own land. That changed with the addition of a new SAND staking pool exclusively […]
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  • Special Events and Rewards for Avatar Holders in The Sandbox Alpha Season 3

    We just hit the ‘Ber’ months but it’s an early Christmas Season for avatar holders in The Sandbox. As part of the Alpha Season 3, the voxel-based metaverse is launching special events with special rewards for a few avatar collection holders. For this third alpha season, The Sandbox is featuring over 100 experiences, with special […]
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  • The Sandbox – 90’s Nostalgia Voxedit Contest and Care Bears Game Jam

    In Parallel to the Alpha Season 3, The Sandbox has announced two new contests for creators. First, the “90’s Nostalgia in Web3” is a themed contest in which participants have to create a digital asset of their favorite icons from the 90s using the VoxEdit platform. The second contest is the Care Bears Game Jam, […]
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