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Wild Forest Pre-release NFT sale

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Wild Forest released details about their upcoming pre-release NFT sale, which includes 2,000 Lord NFTs, founder-level NFTs for the game which offer ongoing benefits to their holders! The sale opens on May 23rd for those who can claim a whitelist spot.

A pre-release NFT sale for Wild Forest opens next week! This sale will include over 13,000 NFT packs containing Lords, Units, and various skin NFTs.

Packs come in three varieties — standard, premium, and founder. Each level of pack offers increasingly valuable rewards, and the founder packs even contain guaranteed legendary NFTs! Packs are priced in RON token and cost 10 RON, 40 RON, and 120 RON respectively. There will be 8,000 standard packs, 5,000 premium packs, and only 200 founder packs available during this sale.

Anyone already holding a Lord NFT or who participated in the recent play to airdrop campaign should be able to claim their whitelist spot at You have until May 20th to make your claim. If you didn’t get a spot already, you still have a chance! The Wild Forest team plans to hold a livestream on May 21st where they will raffle off 50 spots to Lord holders, and anyone who accumulated at least 15k points during season one. Stayed tuned to their social feeds for more info.

It’s unclear if this sale will include a public phase.

pack info for Wild Forest pre-release NFT sale
pack info for Wild Forest pre-release NFT sale

NFTs in Wild Forest

Wild Forest will support several types of NFTs, including Units, Lords, and Skins. Unit NFTs allow holders to play with those units in-game, where they can be ranked up to legendary status, offering improved stats over the in-game units.

Lord owners receive various perks including in-game benefits as well as priority access to future sales, airdrops, and events.

Skins are cosmetic items for units. These pre-release packs contains seven different, limited-edition, Spirit Warrior skins for the following units — Swordsman, Archer, Knight, Ninja, Squirrelcopter, and Juggernaut.

All NFTs can be traded on the Mavis Market.

Spirit Warrior skins

What is Wild Forest?

Wild Forest is a free to play, web3-enabled, real-time strategy game, that has some similarities with old school games such as Warcraft (the original games) and Starcraft. Players start with a small base, claim areas, harvest resources, build troops, and try to destroy their opponent’s base.

Wild Forest plays a little differently however, as players need to build a deck of seven unit types before the game begins. Then, once the game starts, they can only build those units, giving the game both a strategic and a tactical layer.

Players can own NFT unit cards, which can be leveled up to create more powerful, higher tier units.

Interested players can pick up card packs on the secondary market, though they are not cheap (currently $100+)! You can also buy Lord NFTs, a founder-type PFP collection (~$650 current floor price). Lords will provide access to future sales, early access to future releases, and grant automatic castle ownership.

Wild Forest is built on the Ronin network.Players will need a Ronin-compatible wallet to use NFTs and receive rewards.

To learn more about Wild Forest, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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