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Play and Earn in Rogue Nation Beta

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Rogue Nations, a mobile-first, top-down, action shooter game, has a closed beta available for anyone who holds one of their Elemint NFTs. In addition, Rogue Nation has also announced a new partnership, giving Elemint owners a chance to battle for prizes on the Narena Games platform!

The beta for Rogue Nation is already available for anyone owning an Elemint NFT. Elemints are a limited NFT collection that was released for free earlier this year. Elemints are companions in Rogue Nation. These unique, in-game pets provide access to the first-playable release and boosts to attack damage. You can pick one up on Magic Eden or Open Sea for under 10 MATIC.

Those with Elemint NFTs can download the game, connect their wallet and start playing the beta now. The game is only available for Android devices at the moment, though an iOS version is coming soon. The team also plans to release a PC version further down the road.

play Rogue Nation as a Fridge with a shotgun!
play Rogue Nation as a Fridge with a shotgun!

Battle Royale with Narena Games

Rogue Nation has also announced a partnership with Narena Games, a platform that works on helping to gamify NFT collections. For holders of Elemint NFTs, there will be a special battle royale arena that opens on July 4th.

Players interested in this special beta can visit the Rogue Nation dashboard to register. Only those who register will be able to participate. This event will include rewards, with the first round offering up an NFT from We All Survived Death, a 10k generative NFT collection.

The Rogue Nation team will hold a Town Hall meeting on their Discord server on July 3rd. Hopefully we’ll get some more details during that event.

Elemint NFTs
Elemint NFTs

What is Rogue Nation?

Rogue Nation is a free to play, top-down, rogue-lite, action RPG. Players venture into procedurally generated dungeons in a top-down isometric game world, with the goal of defeating the big boss at the end. Completing a run provides loot crates with rewards that players can use to upgrade and customize their characters. Players can take on the dungeons solo, or with a group of friends. The game will also additional modes such as PvP, raids, survival, and even player created dungeons.

In Rogue Nation, players can customize their characters, as well as the items they carry. Customization comes in the form of ability selection, weapon attachments, and pets. As characters and weapons are used in-game, they develop certain bonuses or perks based on their history in-game. This system is designed to not only provide additional customization options, but to make also make every item and character truly unique and part of the game world.

Rogue Nation also talks about including creator options for minting custom maps as NFTs that can be sold or rented to others!

Rogue Nation is building for mobile first, but may offer a PC version as well. To learn more, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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