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Flowerpatch Now Also Available on Polygon

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Cannabis farming MMO Flowerpatch is now available on the Polygon blockchain, while the Ethereum version is also still live. Players can now breed, plant and harvest flowers from both blockchains in the virtual lands of Alvita. Developer Nugbase is also working on a seamless bridge between Polygon and Ethereum to transfer and sell NFTs.

The game mints all flowers by default on the Polygon blockchain, while breeding produces multiple offspring. Like on the Ethereum blockchain, upon breeding a fee goes to the developers and the breeder gets a share.

Most flowers in Flowerpatch are just a few bucks, making this farming game almost impossible to play. Who’s going to breed a new $5 plant when you need to pay a $15 transaction? The integration of the Polygon blockchain into Flowerpatch is a move players have been waiting for.

What is Flowerpatch?

In Flowerpatch users need to plant small seeds. Within two hours these will grow into full plants. Together with an adjacent plant, a new seed can be created. Breeding costs ETH or MATIC, a part of the money goes to the developers while a small portion goes to the owner of the other plant. The more rare a plant is, the more valuable it will become.

Flowerpatch is a bit of an odd duckling in the world of blockchain games. Growing weed isn’t the type of thing you would expect. In the world of Alvita, you play a koala. You will have to build a farm, work with others, collect loot, and earn by trading your own custom strains!

Among the latest additions to the game are the possibility to harvest resources, and to use those resources to craft items. These items will then benefit your farm. Next month they want to launch the ability to travel between worlds, allowing playing to use a ship port and warp to a new continent.

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