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Programmable Artwork Impacting Lives of Two Black Kids

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Former Major League Baseball star turned crypto artist Micah Johnson is making headlines with has latest programmable artwork sä-v(ə-)rən-tē, which is pronounced as sovereignty. The artwork focuses on what two black boys want to be when they grow up. In addition it ties in directly into their lives. There’s currently a 76 thousand dollar bid on the artwork.

Async Art is a digital art platform where artists can create digital art made up out of different programmable layers. These layers can have different owners. The layers can also change based on the time of the day, date, the weather, and so on.

Micah Johnson’s sä-v(ə-)rən-tē takes this concept of programmable to another level. Yes, it changes according to the day/night cycle, but it’s also tied to the lives to two black kids. On their birthday’s, August 10th and November 6th, the artwork shows what Jacque and Rayden want to be when they grow up. Johnson wants his artwork to have a real impact on their lives.

“The mission of this work started by simply wanting to empower them by letting them see themselves in high-art, but quickly turned into one of the most impactful use cases for Bitcoin and blockchain technology the world has ever seen.”

Micah Johnson – Async Art

On the birthdays of Jacque and Rayden a new layer reveals what the birthday kid wants to become. Next to it, it will show a QR code to a bitcoin wallet. In addition, symbolizing the opportunity they’ll get, the door at the center of the artwork opens. When the kids turn 18, eleven years from now, their figures disappear from the master artwork. In addition Jacque and Rayden gain access to their bitcoin wallets. These type of changes in an artwork are only possible through programmable art on the Async Art platform.

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