Planet Mojo Guide: How to Play, Features, Pros and Cons

Planet Mojo is a gaming metaverse where players compete against each other with NFT characters called Mojos. It currently has two games under development namely Mojo Melee, and Mojo Land.

Quick Facts

  • Mojo Melee is Planet Mojo’s first PvP auto chess battler game while Biome is a land game.
  • Plant Mojo runs on the Polygon blockchain, and both its games are currently browser-based. But the studio also plans to release them as mobile apps in the future to improve the gaming experience.
  • Mojo Melee is easy to play and accessible to everyone.

Planet Mojo Review

What is Planet Mojo?

Planet Mojo is a mysterious alien world where characters called Mojos spawn from it after a strange object collides against the planet. These creatures fight alongside the planet’s warriors against an unknown threat.

You can either spawn these Mojos from Moj-seeds or buy them on an NFT marketplace on Polygon.

These Mojos are the main characters Mojo Land, a land-based game and Mojo Melee, an auto-chess battler.

Both games are part of the Planet Mojo metaverse, where players can cash out by selling these NFTs on the marketplace.

History of Planet Mojo

Mojo Melee is Planet’s Mojo’s first game. It’s currently under play testing mode. The game’s dev team consists of industry veterans like Mike Levine (founder of Planet Mojo and CEO of HappyGiant), Ralph Gerth (Executive Director at Planet Mojo and game designer for Factus Games), Eric Campanella (Art Director at Planet Mojo and HappyGiant).

The team has focused on play-to-own rather than play-to-earn as they believe that gaming is about having fun rather than simply earning money through the game.

Planet Mojo’s Early Access Public Token sale went live between June 1st, 2022 and June 2nd, 2022. Moj-seed holders will also be given access to upcoming Biome (land) sales.

How Does Planet Mojo work?

Here’s an overview of how both games in the Planet Mojo metaverse work.

Mojo Land: As the name suggests, Mojo land is a land-based game where players purchase pieces of NFT land to sprout Mojos and grow them.

Each piece of land is called a biome and these come in varying levels of rarity and geographical features. A well-maintained biome can be used to harvest resources that aid a Mojo’s development.

These resources can later be used to create battle stones which help enhance the Mojo’s ability.

Mojo Melee: Mojo Melee is the auto chess game and has two modes, namely Duel and Brawl.

Duel: Two Mojos are pitted against each other and the player who wins three rounds first is declared the winner.

Brawl: In this mode, players compete against multiple opponents in a two-stage competition.The top two players of each group move into the semifinals, and the subsequent winners move to the finals.

Planet Mojo NFTs

Both Mojo Land and Mojo Melee consist of NFTs you can buy on marketplaces or or sell in exchange for cryptocurrencies. Let’s look at the NFTs in each game.

Mojo Land

Biome: As mentioned earlier, the biome is the land plot that houses the Mojos. They come in different ecosystem types like forest, swamp, coastal, mountain, savannah, desert, swamp, and arctic. These biomes will provide greater earning potential to landholders due to their inherent gameplay benefits.

Planet Mojo

Mojos: In the future, you’ll be able to grow your Mojos from Moj-seeds and sell them on the NFT marketplace for money.

Mojo Melee

There are four types of NFTs in Mojo Melee, and we’ve given an overview of all of them below.

1. Mojos

Mojos battle against each other (duel mode) or fight alongside champions in brawl mode against the other team. Since these Mojos are divided into subclasses, they can only use magical abilities associated with a spellstone of their subclass.

Planet Mojo

2. Champions

This player class will make up a majority of your team and consist of warriors from different clans, namely Clawhaven, Kroker, Primorda, Supremus, Stronghorn, and Furgen.

Each Champion has a special ability and the players should determine the best combination of these abilities to lead their team to victory.

Planet Mojo

3. SpellStones

Most SpellStones contain a single powerful ability that’s released at the beginning of a game. But if the SpellStone is a boon that enhances a unit’s abilities, you can attach them to Champions or Mojos.

You can also place them beforehand on the opponent’s side to deal damage to their troops after making a calculated guess on where the opponents will place their units.

Planet Mojo

4. Clan Banners

These will give players special abilities in the game and increase their collection tier.

Planet Mojo

Planet Mojo tokens explained

Here’s a brief overview of Planet Mojo’s in-game currency and tokens.

$MOJ: MOJ is Planet Mojo’s native ERC-20 Token. Everything from staking to in-game payments to governance can be made with $MOJ.

Planet Mojo

Battle Stones: These are passes that allow participants to enter paid tournaments. You can buy and sell them on the Mojo Marketplace for $MOJ.

Planet Mojo

$ORE: This is the in-game cryptocurrency that’s used for upgrading NFTs and creating Battle Stones. Players can earn these by
winning battles, completing quests, partnerships, tournaments, and wagered matches.

Planet Mojo


Here’s what Planet Mojo’s initial token allocation looks like.

Initial Sale: 22.9%
Player Reward: 25%
Ecosystem Fund: 25%
Public Token Sale: 2.1%
Advisors: 5%
Team: 20.0%

Planet Mojo

Source: Planet Mojo Whitepaper

Here’s a table that explains the token allocation better.

Planet Mojo

Source: Planet Mojo Whitepaper

How to play Planet Mojo

Since Mojo Land is currently under wraps, the following sections will give a sneak peek into how you can play Mojo Melee and get a head start in the game once it’s launched.
The game world

Planet Mojo is an earth-like alien world that’s battling a mysterious contamination which threatens to take control of it.

To keep the threat at bay and eliminate it, the planet sprouts characters known as Mojos to fight alongside its warriors.
The game characters

Some of Mojo Melee’s NFTs are also its characters, so we’ll brush up on them again here.

Mojos: These are playable characters common to Mojo Land and Mojo Melee. They come in different forms like leafy, vine, and moss with more types on the way. No two mojos are the same and each one possesses different types of special abilities.

Champions: These are warriors from different clans. Here’s a brief account of what each clan specializes in.

Clawhaven: This bear clan consists of sturdy warriors with battle axes to deal damage.

Planet Mojo

Kroken: This is the clan of shamans, mystics, and healers.

Planet Mojo

Primordia: These are your mages who have access to spells, scrolls, relics, and more.

Planet Mojo

Supremus: A ruthless clan that wants to claim the power of the Scourge for itself.

Planet Mojo

Stronghorn: Another clan of strong warriors who believe the Scourge is the answer to the injustice they faced.

Planet Mojo

Furgen: Clan Furgen consists of stealthy assassins who, like clan Supremus, want the Scourge for themselves.

Planet Mojo

The Ancients: These sentient beings awakened after the collision and informed the clans about the new race of creatures (Mojos) the planet was spawning to keep itself safe.

Game mechanics

Players gain gold at the start of each round. This is a crucial reserve and helps players win matches as we’ll see later in this section.
Each player has three slots containing three units they’ll deploy at the start. The reserves can be replenished to draw three new units by spending gold.

During the match players spend gold to place their units on the arena. They can also spend gold on SpellStones to unlock powerful attacks and abilities.

Players can place their units anywhere within their half of the arena. But to win, this placement needs to be strategic.
To increase their power, teams can also use SpellStones. Some of these can be placed in the opponent’s side while others can be attached to their own units.

During combat, units have to gain energy by attacking and taking damage. There are also special abilities players they can use when their energy has recharged to turn the tide of the battle.

In duel mode, you’ll need to win 3 out of 5 rounds.

How to get ahead in the game

Planet Mojo includes two game modes — ranked and unranked. Unranked gameplay provides a casual setting for gamers to try out new formations, while ranked gameplay helps them progress further faster with better rewards.

If you’re playing in the unranked mode, you can get ahead with XP from battles and ORE from Quests.

If you’re playing in the ranked mode, you can earn XP from battles, gain $ORE by winning matches and completing quests and challenges, and participate in year-long events with rewards.

What are quests?

Quests are daily activities a player can participate in every day to earn more XP.

Players can renew their quest slot three times every day. So, a player can participate in three quests every day.

As you participate in quests and challenges and collect more NFTs, your collection tier will increase and grant you more benefits.

Planet Mojo

What are challenges?

If you’re engaging in ranked gameplay, you can create challenges and win a number of ranked games to earn challenge points.

Game economics

You can earn ORE, the in-game currency in numerous ways. Here’s a table that shows this in detail.

Planet Mojo

How to win

Players can win battles through strategic placement of units. For instance, you’d place a healer behind your heavy troops so they don’t take damage and continue supporting frontline players.

How to earn money on Planet Mojo

Here are two ways to earn money on Planet Mojo

  • Sell biomes, battlepasses, champions, and SpellStones on the Mojo marketplaces for $MOJ.
  • Lend battle stones to other players and split your rewards.

Pros of Planet Mojo

  • Promotes sustainability
  • Free-to-play
  • Low learning curve

1. Promotes sustainability

Through Planet Mojo’s relationship with One Tree Planted, a tree will be planted in the region specified by the user for each Mojo coined, with Planet Mojo paying for the entire cost.

2. Free-to-play

There is a free-to-play option. The game gives four free champions which you can mint as NFTs later.

3. Low learning curve

It is very easy to play for everyone. Players can start playing with a simple sign-up process with the ability to connect a wallet at any time later to reap the rewards a player accrues.


  • There is not a ton of information out there for people to learn more about these games.


Has Mojo Melee released yet?

The game will open its beta version to the public later this year.

Is the game free to play?

Yes. Planet Mojo provides four free characters you can later mint into NFTs.

Will Planet Mojo be decentralized?

As community acceptance for the game grows, the game will move towards providing a community-driven experience.

Planet Mojo Game Info

  • Genre: PvP Auto Chess And Land Game
  • Free to Play: Yes
  • Platform(s): Browser-based
  • Blockchain(s): Polygon
  • Token(s): $MOJ
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