Play to Earn Game Festival powered by Gala Games

play to earn game festival x gala games partnership

The Play to Earn Game Festival: 2nd Edition is powered by Gala Games. The event takes place from March 22nd to March 28th at a virtual location inside Cryptovoxels.

When? Monday March 22nd – Sunday March 28th
Where? Here inside Cryptovoxels
Devices? Browser on desktop, mobile devices and VR headsets
Entrance fee? Nope. Free!
Dress code? Not really, maybe next time 😉

What is Play to Earn Game Festival?

The Play to Earn Game Festival powered by Gala Games is the second edition of the first original business-to-consumer event in the metaverse. At the event visitors can learn about blockchain gaming. In addition there’s a strong focus on in-game economies, play-to-earn game mechanics and of course simple, plain old fun.

This event will enhance the experience from the first festival with the help of Gala Games and our event sponsors The Sandbox, Alien Worlds, Animoca Brands, and REVV Motorsports. Visitors can expect a blend of education and fun throughout the week, with several live events, giveaways and challenges. In addition the Play to Earn Game Festival will also host an art exposition.

No matter where you are in the world and what kind of device you use, you’re able to visit our festival. The Play to Earn Game Festival is accessible through any web browser on desktop computers, mobile devices and VR helmets.

Our sponsors

This event would not be possible without the support and trust of these great companies:

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Event Schedule

Every day there are new giveaways from our game partners. You can find these giveaways on the show floor, indicated by a cute little 🎁 at the arcade machine. Make sure you check back every day to join in one or more new giveaways!

Every day there are multiple moments that we drop $PLAY for the visitors of the event. Keep your eyes open and check the ATM outside the venue regularly!

Below are our daily events. Keep in mind that this schedule is subject to change as we might need to shuffle around a bit. Or perhaps there will be more events. Each events lasts 48 hours from the moment it starts… giving EVERYBODY a chance to join!

Monday 22nd – Welcome to Mirandus, by Gala Games (NOT LIVE YET)

Tuesday 23rd – Start Your Engines, REVV and Animoca Brands (Racing challenge)

Wednesday 24th – Smile Minotaur King! (social media task) / NFT Live event by LADZ Community

Thursday 25th – It’s Coming From Above! – Alien Worlds is upon us! (Puzzle event)

Friday 26th – SAND everywhere! (Treasure hunt) / Have you learned about The Sandbox? (Social media task)

Saturday 27th – Gala Games Live + Art & Event Tour with Nederob – 15:00 UTC (live event)

Sunday 28th – Giveaway Frenzy!

Games to discover on the show floor

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