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Play to Earn blockchain gaming mascot Petey

Play to Earn is a platform about blockchain gaming, non-fungible tokens, and crypto art. This platform is about educating consumers, while helping companies to reach their audience. With Play to Earn we’re helping project to reach their goals, while consumers gain knowledge and therefore also power. Education is one of the most important aspects of this blockchain renaissance.

Play to Earn does not limit itself to this website, as we’re also active on Twitter and publish a weekly newsletter on Substack and Medium. However, the true innovation of Play to Earn is that it’s not limited to regular social media. Play to Earn is embracing decentralization, blockchain and the metaverse.

You can find educational hubs about blockchain gaming in virtual worlds like Cryptovoxels and (soon) The Sandbox. In the future readers and investors will be able to acquire custom and limited edition digital assets. These assets will be based on the Play to Earn brand and its yet to be revealed mascot.

Ambitions for Play to Earn

I started Play to Earn out of frustration over the coverage of blockchain gaming within the blockchain community, In addition the lack of coverage by mainstream media also annoyed me. I vowed to write about these topics for mainstream media, which is an on-going process that takes time.

However, my ambitions for Play to Earn are much greater. These are some of my short term ambitions. These need to happen before the summer of 2021:

  • Become the premier source for unique insights and information about blockchain gaming, digital assets and crypto art.
  • Launch limited edition Early Backer tokens that offer interoperability with or airdrops for current and future games.
  • Setup a reoccurring Game Festival inside one or more virtual worlds.

When it comes to long term ambitions, there’s need for more technical investment to have Play to Earn run all its operations on the blockchain. Preferably functioning as a Media DAO or something along those lines. Content writers would be rewarded using the native token, while users and companies can use the native token to for example acquire digital assets or promote a certain article.

However, these long term goals are just ideas. Let’s first make Play to Earn a well known source for everybody who’s interested in non-fungible tokens, blockchain games and crypto art.


Robert Hoogendoorn is the sole owner of the Play to Earn website.
robert AT nederob DOT nl

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Robert Hoogendoorn is a gamer and blockchain enthusiast. He got in touch with crypto in 2014, but the fire really lit in 2017. Professionally he's a content optimization expert and worked for press agencies and video production companies, always with a focus on the video games & tech industry. He's a content manager and creator at heart, started the Play to Earn Online Magazine in early 2020.