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The Sandbox is a virtual world in which players own and customize the 166 thousand different land parcels its made out of. On those land parcels, which are represented as non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, the landowners can do whatever they want: build games, virtual museums or other creative creations.

The world of The Sandbox is made out of voxels. From that perspective it’s very similar to Minecraft. However, in The Sandbox everybody can make a game, can design fashionable characters or earn SAND tokens by completing quests. Everybody in The Sandbox contributes to the game’s ecosystem, and therefore everybody earns rewards. That’s a true play-to-earn business model.

Creating in The Sandbox

The Sandbox provides free tools to create assets. VoxEdit is a free creator to make voxel assets, including for example game characters or non-player characters. Creations made in VoxEdit can be sold on an open and player-driven marketplace, and other people can then use those assets to decorate their lands.

Aside from VoxEdit, The Sandbox has free software GameMaker. This software can be used to make games or other interactive installations. To make these, creators can use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) made with VoxEdit. Once the game installation is complete, all used assets are saved into one ERC-1155 non-fungible token. In essence this means that these interactive creations can also be sold as separate games within The Sandbox.

  • Altitude Brings Mushroom Mania to The Sandbox

    Altitude Games is working on the platforming game Mushroom Mania for in The Sandbox. The studio behind the Decentraland-game Battle Racers has joined the Sandbox GameMaker Fund. They plan to release Mushroom Mania at the launch of The Sandbox in December this year. In the game you’ve been shrunken by a witch. You need to […]
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  • Hackatao Brings Art into The Sandbox

    The creative Italian duo behind the Hackatao brand is making their art into playable avatars for the virtual world of The Sandbox. Currently is not yet known which art pieces they will use, but the artists have shown off a couple of characters. Their collaboration came into existence through The Sandbox Game Makers Fund. The […]
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  • The Sandbox Confirmed for Play to Earn Game Festival

    The virtual gaming world of The Sandbox will have a presence at the Play to Earn Game Festival this November. Visitors of the virtual game event can learn about The Sandbox and its versatile game economy that’s all about player empowerment. The Play to Earn Game Festival will commence on November 2nd. The presence of […]
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  • Polygonal Mind Announced Voxel RPG Dethrone

    Development studio Polygonal Mind has announced Dethrone, a fantasy role playing game that will take place in the virtual world of The Sandbox. The developers want to stretch the capabilities of the Sandbox engine. The game stretches across multiple areas as players try to save the world of Bylta from destruction by an ancient god. […]
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  • The Sandbox Moving Big on Partnerships

    The virtual world of The Sandbox has appointed the former Global Vice President of Universal Music as their leader in charge of partnerships. Bertrand Levy will be the Global Vice President of Partnerships, and is tasked to get entertainment brands, celebrities and artists involved in The Sandbox. Levy has a background in online music distribution, […]
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  • Gaming Already Has Decentralized Finance

    There’s a big overlap between blockchain gaming and decentralized finance, think about rewards and community. While decentralized finance is the talk of the town at the moment, and non-fungible tokens also get lots of attention, it’s a bit quiet around gaming. However, there’s enough reason to make some noise. There are many similarities between decentralized […]
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  • Planet Rift Full of Ambition Within The Sandbox

    Planet Rift has been announced as one of the biggest projects building its game inside The Sandbox. The game takes place on 64 land parcels and can be expanded by allowing landowners to become contributors to the game. Without building anything themselves, landowners can have their virtual land monetized by Planet Rift. When Planet Rift […]
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  • SAND from The Sandbox Now On Opensea

    Collectors, gamers and traders can now use the SAND token from the upcoming virtual world The Sandbox on the open marketplace Opensea. People trading on the marketplace can use the recently launched token to sell or buy digital assets from the game. SAND is the only currency used in the ecosystem of The Sandbox. Opensea […]
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  • Binance Becomes Biggest Landowner in The Sandbox

    Binance have announced that they have bought 4012 land parcels inside the virtual world of The Sandbox. This automatically makes Binance the biggest landowner inside the upcoming virtual game world. Next week investors and gamers can try to overtake Binance, as pre-sale 4.2 will take place. Binance wants to create game experiences for its users, […]
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  • Care Bears Coming to The Sandbox

    Gamers who will dive into the virtual world of The Sandbox will also be able to visit a virtual version of the Care-a-Lot Kingdom from the Care Bears. Cloudco Entertainment and The Sandbox signed an agreement to bring attractions, games, buildings and assets based on the 80s cartoon series to the voxelized blockchain game world. […]
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