Illuvium banner Illuvium is a set of three games, set in the same virtual world, with some crossover between the three.

The main game, known as Illuvium Overworld, gives players a chance to explore a 3D world and look for portals that provide an opportunity to capture new Illuvials.

Illuvium Arena, is a PvE Illuvium auto-battler that sees players try to survive as many rounds as they can.

And the most recent addition, Illuvium Zero, offers land-based gameplay around harvesting resources and ultimately, crafting NFTs for use in Illuvium Overworld.

All three games are currently in alpha or beta playtests.

Illuvium is also building out a PFP style project called Illuvials. Illuvials will have some sort of utility in all of the Illuvium games.

  • Illuvium Moves to Private Beta Phase 2

    Illuvium releases a new, large patch for the beta version of their game. Known as Private Beta 2, this patch introduces new gameplay mechanics and sweeping unit changes for the Illuvium Arena game. This beta is currently only for Illuvium Arena, the auto-battler portion of the larger Illuvium universe. Illuvium Arena, the PvE auto-battler section […]
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  • Grant Warwick shares 40+ Exclusive Illuvium Leaks

    Illuvium, the first community-governed AAA blockchain-based video game, has announced 40+ exclusive Illuvium Leaks. Grant Warwick, Illuvium Showcase Co-founder, shared these exclusive leaks in an interview with Andrew Wall on Illuvium’s YouTube channel. In addition, Grant highlighted the latest images from inside Illuvium Game Studio. Among the exclusive Illuvium leaks are Mozart skins for every […]
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  • Top Play-to-Earn and NFT Games of the Week – July 17

    Let’s see this week’s top games by number of players and top NFT collections by trading volume. Who are the newcomers, and which projects are gaining or losing traction? Let’s jump into the past week’s data! Top play-to-earn games by active users Game Active Users 7 days Change 1. Alien Worlds 338k +3% 2. Splinterlands  322k […]
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  • Top Play-to-Earn and NFT Games of the Week – July 10

    We are almost in mid-July and our tops this week are pretty much similar to last week’s. Except for a few newcomers, the crypto gaming and NFT market are pretty stable. The good thing to notice is that we are not losing players. The overall number of active players is even slightly increasing in spite […]
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  • Illuvium Introduces Illuvitars – Your Personalized Avatar for The Metaverse

    Illuvitars are avatar NFTs that are tied to the players’ accounts and can be utilized across all Illuvium games. The sale will include 150 Genesis NFTs, and the start date has yet to be determined. Illuvitars are made up of two components: the avatar itself, representing the most popular Illuvium characters to date, and accessories. […]
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  • Play-to-Earn Weekly Ep.10 With CryptoStache – Is it the End for Crypto Gaming?

    For this week’s episode, we have the honor to have Mr. CryptoStache as a guest. We discuss the current market conditions and what this means for crypto gaming and metaverse projects. But don’t worry, it’s not all bad news! We also cover the top news of the week, and deliver some alpha and some new projects […]
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  • Illuvium Land Sale a Rousing Success

    Having completed their first land sale with a full sell-out and no real issues to speak of, it’s safe to say that the Illuvium land sale was a success. Over a period of three days, the team sold 20,000 plots across four tiers. For a total income of $28 million dollars worth of ETH and […]
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  • Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in June

    Continuing the trend for 2022, June sees more excitement in the world of blockchain gaming. And though the Farsite alpha is delayed until July, there is still much happening during the month of June. In fact, the blockchain gaming world never seems to sleep! So let’s take a quick look at a few games that […]
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  • Illuvium Beta Gameplay Video Review

    We finally got our hands on illuvium’s private beta. No PvP yet, only survival mode is available, but the current version of the game is already beautiful and lets you get familiar with the different illuvials and their abilities. Bruno and all of us in the team are super hyped about illuvium, and this is […]
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  • 10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in May 2022

    The year of blockchain gaming releases is in full swing now with games like Stepn, Riot Racers, and Crypto Unicorns launching their games. But, we also begin to see some fallout from the depressed crypto market, and the increased competition for keeping the attention of the blockchain gaming community. Riot Racers Having just released their […]
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