euler beats music NFT

What is Euler Beats?

Euler Beats is a first-of-its-kind, innovative music NFT project on the blockchain created by and supported by Consensys. Upon purchase users first acquired 27 unique, on-chain generated songs.

These songs and their visual representation were generated based on data from the blockchain at the moment the purchase was done. This means that buyers couldn’t listen to the song before they bought it. All data to generate the song and the visual on stored on the blockchain in the NFT.

In the first series of Euler Beats there are 27 master copies. Each of those masters can generate a maximum of 120 copies. The price of these copies increases with every sale they made. Interestingly, the owners of a master print get 8% of every sale, while 2% goes to the developers.

However, 90% goes to a burn contract. A print owner who decides to destroy their copy, will receive the burn money from the last acquired purchase in the same pool. This guarantees a minimal value for each song, not even counting the rarity or innovation of these NFTs.

  • $3 Million for Euler Beats Enigma Master Record NFTs

    Investors and collectors have paid $3 million in total for the 25 master records in the Euler Beats Enigma NFT series. The most expensive NFT was the Enigma LP 01, selling for $243.000. These master records give the owner 8 percent of the sales from each of the prints based on their record. According to […]
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  • Euler Beats Enigma Auction on Monday

    After their successful February launch, Euler Beats will sell their second NFTs series Enigma on Monday. The master records of their Enigma series will sell through an auction. In total there will be 27 Enigma LP master records, and each of them comes with a maximum of 160 prints. These music NFTs come with new […]
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  • Euler Beats Music NFT Already Sold for $458.000

    Some of the 27 original music NFT tracks of Euler Beats have already been sold for 300 ETH, or approximately 458 thousand dollars, on the secondary market. The project is only one week old, and is currently among the top 10 most valuable projects on Ethereum according to data from OpenSea. Euler Beats is an […]
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