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In 2017, months before the first ERC-721 non-fungible token was introduced, Larva Labs released CryptoPunks. These on-chain generated character artworks have all kinds of randomly assigned attributes, some are rare, others are super rare. However, there are only 10.000 CryptoPunks ever created, and they are considered the first ever digital collectibles on the blockchain.

CryptoPunks is a crypto art initiative that generated ten thousand different 24×24 punk-looking avatars. There are a few rares ones, like apes, zombies and aliens. Besides being a digital collectible, the project doesn’t offer any additional usage. However, Cryptopunks are often part of digital art galleries in virtual worlds like Cryptovoxels and Decentraland.

The value of these CryptoPunks has been increasing tremendously in late 2020 and early 2021. While these punks were trading for hundreds or a few thousand dollars in early 2020, top trades are happening in 2021 for more than 1 million dollars.

  • Cryptopunks Collector Goes on Buying Spree

    A Cryptopunks buying spree has put the pioneering crypto art project back in the spotlight. A collector who goes by the nickname DANNY spent 98 ETH to acquire three rare punks from three different sellers. That’s almost 34 thousand dollars for these three collectibles. The buying spree consisted out of three different Cryptopunks. Punk 5684 […]
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  • Cryptopunks Reached New Heights With $20.000 Sale

    Over the weekend Cryptopunks has reached new heights with the sale of a single punk character for 20 thousand dollars. Punk 6487 sold for 100 ETH, which was valued 20.857 dollars at the time of the transaction. It’s the first time since its inception that this female bald punk changed hands. Cryptopunk 6487 hit the […]
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