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Atari is a gaming company and publisher behind brands like Rollercoaster Tycoon, Arkanoid, Tempest and Missile Command. The company peaked in the early 80s, and nowadays put its focus on mobile games, gambling and blockchain technology.

Atari used to be one of the juggernauts in video games. Their Atari 2600 system was the pinnacle of gaming, getting all American kids excited even before Nintendo existed. But Atari got greedy, published crappy games, which ultimately resulted in the video game crash of 1983.

Fast forward a couple of decades and Atari still exists, even though it’s a brand spread out over multiple companies. The brand is still there, and they do more then just gaming. Nowadays Atari is more into gambling and mobile games, and with the rise of blockchain technology they’ve taken the driver’s seat.

Atari has its own Atari Token, which can be used on their gambling websites and in their gaming projects. They will also allow people to use the token in Atari’s own licensed casinos. The token, which has the ticker ATRI, should not be confused with the stock.

In addition they are working with multiple projects, including virtual arcades in The Sandbox and Decentraland. With the crowdfunded Atari VCS they have even entered the console market again, introducing blockchain gaming to console gamers. They also partnered with blockchain game distribution service Ultra, integrating the distribution service into their Atari VCS console. The company works on projects across a variety of blockchains, including Ethereum, Wax and the UOS blockchain service.

  • Atari Stock Surges Thanks to Upcoming Token Launch

    Atari has almost doubled its value on the stock market thanks to the upcoming launch of its first console in twenty years and the Atari Token. Trading volume has skyrocketed, and in the past 24 hours hours the value of the ATA.PA stock increased 22.4 percent. Before the end of this year, the gaming company […]
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  • Atari Bringing Digital Collectibles to Wax

    Atari has announced a partnership with Wax to bring digital collectibles to the market. Classic box art from old school Atari games will be brushed up and animated as collectible non-fungible tokens. The tokens will come in six different rarities, ranging from the static common ones to ultra rare collectors editions that also show gameplay. […]
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  • Fatal Run and Night Driver Join REVV Token Ecosystem

    Atari and Animoca Brands have announced that both Fatal Run and Night Driver will become part of the REVV token ecosystem. Players will be able to use the REVV token in updated versions of these racing classics and Animoca’s own licensed racing games, like for example F1 Delta Time. They announced the next step in […]
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  • Atari Shipping First Atari VCS Gaming Consoles

    Atari has started the shipping process of their Atari VCS blockchain-powered gaming console to supporters who crowdfunded the project two years ago. They plan to release the console this fall, but before that the Indiegogo backers are the first to receive the system. Atari has created six thousand collector’s edition models, exclusive for those early […]
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  • Ultra Added to Blockchain Games Console Atari

    The blockchain-powered digital games distribution platform Ultra will be accessible on the upcoming Atari VCS game console. At the same time the gaming company will make some of its classic games available through Ultra. The two parties announced the mutual agreement on Thursday. Ultra is working on a platform that gives gamers a true sense […]
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  • Atari VCS Becomes First Blockchain Gaming Console

    The upcoming Atari VCS console will have an integrated cryptocurrency wallet, making it the first dedicated blockchain gaming console. In addition Animoca Brands and Atari have expanded their partnership. This makes Animoca the exclusive blockchain content provider for the Atari VCS. This exclusivity will end on 30th of September 2022. Atari and Animoca Brands have also […]
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